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Portfolio Submissions

After a student has been admitted to the University of Houston, all applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a portfolio, which should include a statement of interest in their selected major, upon applying to the University of Houston and the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. Applicants who have not yet been admitted to the University of Houston should wait until they have received official communication from UH Admissions regarding the success of their application before submitting their portfolio.

Given the competitive admissions process for the College of Architecture and Design, a portfolio demonstrates the applicant’s abilities, and the statement of interest communicates the applicant’s interest in the field of design.

A successful portfolio should include the following materials:

  • Statement of interest in your selected major (Architecture, Industrial Design, or Interior Architecture):
    • Should be the first page of the portfolio
    • Must include your first and last name
    • Must include your UH student ID
    • Must include your email address
    • DO NOT include your Social Security Number
    • This statement of interest should expound on the following: Why are you interested in this major? What about this field inspires you? What would you like to do with this degree in the future? 
  • Examples of your creative work:
    • Portfolios can include any form of design or creative works including, but not limited to: drawings, sketches, paintings, photography, graphic design, architectural drawings/design, creative drawing, sculptures, ceramic work, musical performance, dance performance, etc.
    • Include between 8-10 examples of your work
    • Consider this portfolio as a design project that is to be reviewed by the College of Architecture and Design Admissions Committee. We recommend that you think of this as your first professional creative review.
  • Letters of Recommendation may be included within the portfolio, but are not required.

The portfolio PDF file may not exceed 10MB.

Submitting Your Portfolio

Steps to submit a portfolio:

  • Create an account and apply via SlideRoom.
  • Upload your portfolio.
  • Portfolios should be uploaded on or before the College of Architecture and Design's February 1st priority deadline.