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Keeland Design Lab

Burdette Keeland, Jr. Design Exploration Lab

The Burdette Keeland, Jr. Design Exploration Lab is a fabrication space for students at the University of Houston College of Architecture and Design. With over 50 total machines, the lab spaces are well equipped with the latest in wood working, metal working, and digital fabrication tools. Students who have attended safety orientations and instructional demonstrations have convenient access to important tools of their professions, providing them valuable experience in prototyping, fabrication, and model building as they compete in their discipline.
Keeland Lab Policies (PDF)

To schedule an appointment to use the digital fabrication equipment follow the link below:
Laser Settings and Material List

Standard Hours of Operation: 
Hours are subject to change on occasion. Please contact us for more information. 

Keeland Design Lab will be closed until April 3rd, 2020

New: PODS Lab now available!
The PODS Lab (Painting, Off gassing, Drying, and Standing) is a special access work area for students of the College of Architecture and Design. This space is available during all normal working hours of the Keeland Lab and is dedicated exclusively for use of hand tools and the paint booth. The PODS Lab features new access rules. Read the fact sheet below for more detail.
Keeland Design PODS Lab Policies (PDF)

To learn more about the Keeland Design Lab please contact us at 713-743-2370.

Instructional Lab Manager:
Aaron McEuen

Model Shop Coordinator:
Zach Brinkman