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Architecture and design extends across a broad spectrum from the development of buildings, to the study of urban infrastructure and planning, and even product design.  UH Hines College of Architecture and Design professors are here to serve as experts in areas greatly influenced by this industry.

  • Susan Rogers

    Community Design, Urban Planning, Affordable and Sustainable Housing

  • Donna Kacmar

    Materials Research, Sustainable Building Materials, Affordable and Sustainable Housing

  • Jessie Hager

    Affordable and Sustainable Housing

  • Bruce Race

    Sustainable Design, Urban Resilience Planning, Transportation

  • Patrick Peters

    Sustainable Design, Climate Responsive design, Public Spaces Design

  • EunSook Kwon

    Creative Design Thinking, Design Strategy Development

  • Mark Kimbrough

    Product Design, Design Strategy Development

  • Rafael Longoria

    Economic Determinants of Urban Form, Cities of the American Southwest and Mexico, Sustainable Design, Cultural Hybridity, Public Spaces Design

  • Alan Bruton

    Interior Architecture

  • Peter Zweig

    Urban Infrastructure and Design Strategy, Virtual Reality, Fabrication

  • Nora Laos

    Architectural History and Development

  • Geoffrey Brune

    Historic Preservation

  • Vera Adams

    World Cities, Architectural History and Development, Urban Planning, Affordable and Sustainable housing, Healthy Communities, City Design and Cultural Impact
  • Gail Peter Borden

    Materiality and Architecture in Contemporary Culture