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For Elections on June 16 - July 7, 2021

The 36th annual University-wide election for Staff Council representatives is scheduled from Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 6:00 a.m. - Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m. Voting in the 2021 election will be online only and in-person voting will not be available this year.

2021 Candidates

This Voters' Guide includes a list of all candidates by representative division and a brief biography.

  • At-Large (1 opening)


    Andy Moon, University Information Technology

    “I've been working at UH for 13 years, 11 of them in UIT.  I have served two terms on Staff Council including two years as President and four as CFI co-chair.”

    Why do you want to serve on Staff Council?
    “I enjoy contributing to the direction UH is heading.”

    “Andy Moon joined the University of Houston in 2008 as an IT Manager for Educational Technology and University Outreach, which is a combination of Distance Education, Continuing Education, and University Outreach. He took a different job at the University as the SharePoint Administrator in 2010. Andy's contribution to the University go beyond his job duties, he has been an active member of the UH staff by being part of various planning committees, University-wide committees, and is never hesitant to volunteer to help fellow staff, students, and faculty. In addition, Andy has been part of the UH Staff Council member for many years and served as Staff Council President two times.”

  • Academic Affairs (3 openings)


    Ashley Brown, Admissions

    “Ashley Brown is a Functional Analyst in the Admissions IT department. She has served as Staff Council representative in the past, co-chairing the Appointments Committee. More recently, as a Non-Staff Council member, she still serves her fellow staff and Staff Council by serving as co-chair of the Cougar First Impressions (CFI) committee.”



    Vicki Cerna-Bell, College of Technology

    “Hello, I am a proud UH alumna with a BBA from C.T. Bauer College of Business and have been with the College of Technology as the Research Administrator for almost 4 years. While at UH, I have attained my certification as a Certified Research Administrator and am working on my MBA degree.  I believe in continuous learning and professional development. As a Staff Council member, I hope to be a voice for my colleagues and assist in communicating information to you. I believe providing staff support and leadership through the Staff Council is important and I would be honored to serve as your representative. On a personal note, I enjoy staying involved in the community and have been a City of Sugar Land volunteer for several years. I enjoy the outdoors and during running season, you can find me training for a half marathon or 10K. Go Coogs!”

    Why do you want to serve on Staff Council?
    “I would like to be involved in staff affairs and provide leadership and support to my colleagues. I believe being part of the Staff Council will be a meaningful experience and allow me the opportunity to work with others in various divisions as we support UH and staff success.”



    Whitney Johnson, C.T. Bauer College of Business

    “I've been a proud UH staff member for almost 14 years and also a proud Alumna (M.Ed. '10)! I currently serve as the Program Manager for Student Success at Bauer College of Business. In this role, I not only have the privilege of working with such incredible students but I also get to play a small role in helping them figure out what success looks like to them!”

    Why do you want to serve on Staff Council?
     “I've served as a Staff Council Academic Affairs Representative for the past three years and am seeking re-election. I've enjoyed getting to know other staff at the university while also serving as a co-chair for the Staff Affairs committee. Through this committee, I've helped lead the annual Staff Focus and Conversations with Staff events, review policy updates and changes, and also assist other committees with events. I hope to continue being an advocate for the UH staff community.”



    Caleb Prestridge, Chemistry

    “I have been with UH for almost 9 years now. First serving as a Cashier in Student Business Services, and then in Chemistry as an Office Coordinator, Financial Coordinator 1&2, and Financial Analyst 1.”

    Why do you want to serve on Staff Council?
    "To make a difference for staff in the UH community."

    “Caleb has been working full-time at UH since June 25, 2012, and started to work in Chemistry on 2/25/2013.  Since then, I've seen Caleb work extremely hard to ensure that his work is handled accordingly while providing excellent customer service to his customers (faculty, grad students, and colleagues).  Caleb is always available to help or train others so they can have the needed resources/tools to be the best employee they can be too.  He's very passionate about staff relations and seems very dedicated to being part of the Staff Council.  He's extremely intelligent and would be an amazing asset to Staff Council.  This is why I nominate Caleb to be included on the ballot.”



    Shahab Tayyab, Chemistry

    “My name is Shahab Tayyab and I have worked at UH for 5 years. I started as a work-study supporting driven administrators at NSM. Even as a student, I desired to help carry the load and aid everyone. While obtaining my degree from Bauer College, I was hired full-time. I’ve led college-wide projects designed to streamline business processes and encourage collaboration. I now serve as Assistant Business Administrator for Chemistry.”

    Why do you want to serve on Staff Council?
    “If elected, I will take seriously the role as advocate for staff. UH is wonderful at offering chances to learn through experience. The area I will focus on improving is making the business and HR process clearer. This information is vital for everyone because otherwise, staff are undergoing “trial by fire” and learning through mistakes when making decisions. I shall meet with stakeholders to not only push for more detailed guides but also work alongside and help in the process.”

    “Shahab began as a work-study in the NSM, obtained his degree in Business from Bauer, then went on to work full time for NSM IT, and now for Chemistry as the Assistant Business Administrator.”

  • Administration & Finance (0 openings)

    There are no openings for Administration & Finance this year. Staff members in Administration & Finance will be able to vote for or write-in an At-Large candidate.
  • Office of the President (0 openings)

    There are no openings for the Office of the President this year. Staff members in the Office of the President will be able to vote for or write-in an At-Large candidate.
  • Research (1 opening)


    Tina Blakes, Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation

    “Tina Blakes is an active member of the UH community. She currently serves as Staff Council representative for the Research Division and is a Board Member of the UH Black Leadership Network. In addition, she served as Vice President of Membership for Cougar Rhetoric, UH's Toastmasters Club for staff from 2020-2021.”

  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Services (2 openings)


    Gillian Bautista, Student Affairs Business Services

    "Gillian Bautista joined the Student Housing and Residential Life team as a Financial Coordinator for the Business Office in 2019. Gillian is a UH Alumni, having graduated from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations/advertising and a minor in global business. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel Restaurant and Management in the Executive Hospitality Management program.  Gillian previously worked within the Interlibrary Loan Department and the Division of Academic Affairs in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  Gillian has serves as a Staff Council representative for many years and was instrumental in the launching of the UH Tax Preparation Day Workshops."

  • University Advancement (1 opening)


    Shatera Anderson, Advancement

    “Shatera Anderson has been working for University of Houston for 18 years and serving on Staff Council last 2 years. Working with staff council has been a delight and I would like nothing more than to continue doing so. “

    Why do you want to serve on Staff Council?
    “I enjoy being a voice for the staff that go unheard.”

  • University Marketing and Communications (0 openings)

    There are no openings for University Marketing and Communications this year. Staff members in University Marketing and Communications will be able to vote for or write-in an At-Large candidate.

2021 Voting Instructions

Online voting at will be available from Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 6:00 a.m. - Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m.

  • Select the Election icon under University Services.
  • You may need to refresh your icons if you do not see the Election icon.

Voting in the 2021 election will be online only and in-person voting will not be available this year.

In order to vote during the 2021 elections, voters:

  • Must be benefits-eligible (50% FTE or greater) staff members.
  • Must know their CougarNet account username and password.
  • May cast their vote for no more than the number of open positions available for their division and for one At-Large candidate.
  • May write-in one candidate for their division (if the division has open positions) and one At-Large candidate.
  • May cast their vote from any computer, phone, or tablet with internet access.
  • May only vote once. The online voting site will reject any voter's attempt to go through the voting system more than once.

The representative divisions, total representatives, openings, and candidates are:


Division Total for
At-Large 3 1 1
Academic Affairs 17 3 6
Administration & Finance 11 0 0
Office of the President 2 0 0
Research 1 1 1
Student Affairs and Enrollment Services 4 2 1
University Advancement 1 1 1
University Marketing and Communications 1 0 0


Multiple vacant positions will be filled by candidates who have received the highest numbers of votes (votes will be ranked in order from highest to lowest).