Super Jury 2021

Top designs from graduating Architecture students recognized in annual Super Jury

Despite the impact of COVID-19, the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design held its annual Super Jury on May 12th featuring the top work of its graduating students in the Undergraduate Architecture program. Faculty selected twelve graduates to participate in the Super Jury based on their design excellence.

The esteemed panel of jurors consisted of Thom Faulders (California College of the Arts), Ersela Kripa(Texas Tech), and Jeremy Ficca (Carnegie Mellon University).

Students presented their projects during a four-hour Zoom session. Following an hour of deliberations, jurors recommended awarding First Place / Best Project of the Year to Franco Denari for “The Coin, The Crack and The Cistern.”

Second Place was awarded to Mariana Galvan, Edwin Barajas, and Ferdous Kabir for “Human Non-Human Collaboration Labs.” Honorable Mention was awarded to Katherine “Kaede” Polkinghorne for "Freeway Architecture of Biopolitical Disobedience," Rukaiya Jamali and Sharon Lott for "Pockets of Home," and Gaston Denari and Sharon Philip for "Walled City." 

View all twelve of the projects presented during the Super Jury below. Watch the recorded presentations here.

Gaston Denari + Sharon Philip“Walled City”

Rukaiya Jamali“Pockets of Home”

Allison Reyes"Souzy Tros"

Ariana Flick“Extractable Units of Bywater”

Lisa Evans“Trade Ecological Remediation Agency (T.E.R.A.)"

Mariana Galvan + Edwin Barajas + Ferdous Kabir"Human Non-Human Collaboration Labs”humancopy.jpg

Franco Denari“The Coin, The Crack and The Cistern”  

Madeleine Garcia“Subtopis: Reinvisioning the Suburbs”

Michael Fajtl“RAMMED EARTH: Synergy of Natural Material in Artificial Earthscapes”untitled2.jpg

Katherine “Kaede” Polkinghorne“Freeway Architecture of Biopolitical Disobedience”freewaycopy.jpg

Angelica Monroy“4 Ecologies of Houston”

Lauren Greene“Towards a Nomadic Infrastructure”