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Why I Serve

Jennifer PotockiI got involved in Staff Council to insure that the UH staff voice is heard and maximized in decisions that affect the staff. If you pass up opportunities to be involved in the decisions that affect your life when given the opportunity, you have failed yourself and those around you. Staff Council is a great conduit to serve as a positive influence on so many levels on campus. We contribute to solutions and conversations about the short and long-term goals of the community and that branches out to our own personal goals.
Jennifer Potocki, Research Administrator, Division of Research

Andy MoonI serve on Staff Council because I strongly believe in the mission of the University of Houston and know that staff play a major part in fulfilling this mission. I believe that a Tier One university requires a Tier One staff to support its operations, and serving on Staff Council gives me a way to give back to the university by going the extra mile for our students and the staff.
Andy Moon, Technical Services Specialist 4, University Information Technology

Mytrang BaccamI serve to stay connected, to bring forth better communication, and to help out my fellow staff with activities that will advance our University in both education and working environment.
Mytrang Baccam, Graduate Academic Advisor, Chemistry

Troy ChristensenMy service is enlightened self interest. I'm taking an active role in making changes that will benefit the entire campus community, myself included. I really enjoy the opportunity to teach and learn from people in many different departments, people with whom I might not otherwise have the chance to interact.
Troy Christensen, Administrative Assistant, Texas Center for Superconductivity