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The University of Houston Staff Council is an advisory body to the President of the University and the University administration. Staff Council consists of elected staff members from each division who represent the entire staff body. 

Staff Council Elections are overseen by the Membership and Elections Committee in accordance with the Election Code

2020 Staff Council Elections Results

The names in bold are the winners of the 2020 Staff Council Elections.

There were no open positions in the following Divisions for the 2020 Staff Council Elections: Research and University Advancement.

For more information concerning the results, please contact the Membership and Elections Committee Co-Chairs Scott Mason and Quentisha Puryear.

  • At-Large (1 open position)

    Candidate % Vote
    LaRahia Smith (Winner) 27.8%
    Jason D. Gregory 26.2%
    Nam Nguyen 26.0%
    Taylor Ballard 19.4%
    Write-in candidates 0.5%


  • Academic Affairs (4 open positions)

    Candidate % Vote
    Diedra Fontaine (Winner) 20.6%
    Scott Mason (Winner) 20.4%
    Sarah Holloway (Winner) 17.5%
    Fariba Pouraryan (Winner) 16.7%
    Stefanie Florencio 16.1%
    Caleb Prestridge 8.7%
    Write-in candidates 0%


  • Administration & Finance (5 open positions)


    Candidate % Vote
    David Frankfort (Winner) 22.1%
    Carla Tisby-Riggs (Winner) 21.3%
    Adrienne Wade (Winner) 20.6%
    Ronald Harris (Winner) 19.1%
    Thomas Brents (Winner) 16.1%
    Write-in candidates 0.7%


  • Office of the President (2 open positions)


    Candidate % Vote
    Leslie Pruski (Winner) 60.5%
    Karl Hearne (Winner) 39.5%
    Write-in candidates 0%


  • Student Affairs & Enrollment Services (1 open position)

    Candidate % Vote
    Therese Sanchez (Winner) 92.0%
    Write-in candidates 8.0%


  • University Marketing and Communications (1 open position)

    Candidate % Vote
    Amber R. Rangel (Winner) 100%
    Write-in candidates 0%


2020 Elections

The annual university-wide election for Staff Council representatives took place from Wednesday, June 17, 6:00 a.m. - Wednesday, July 8, 5:00 p.m. Staff voted in the 2020 election online through AccessUH. 

View the Voters' Guide for information on candidates by division.

Election Information

  • Criteria

    The nominee must be a benefits-eligible (50% FTE or greater) staff member employed at UH for no less than one year (start date of 9/1/2019 or earlier).

  • Responsibilities

    Staff Council members are expected to:

    • Attend monthly meetings of the Council on the first Thursday of each month.
    • Commit five to seven hours per month to Council business and activities.
    • Actively participate on two or more Staff Council committees or subcommittees.
    • Disseminate information from Staff Council meetings to the staff within their specific area.
    • Interact with staff to ensure that issues, concerns, or ideas are brought forth to the appropriate administrator for action.
    • Participate in staff and campus events.
  • Open Positions by Division

    Below is the apportionment by division. At-Large nominations and nominations for divisions currently without open positions are encouraged for filling possible mid-year vacancies.

    Division Total for
    At-Large 3 1
    Academic Affairs 18 4
    Administration & Finance 12 5
    Office of the President 2 2
    Research 1 0
    Student Affairs and Enrollment Services 4 1
    University Advancement 1 0
    University Marketing and Communications 1 1


  • Voting

    Online election voting will take place from June 17, 6:00 a.m. - July 8, 2020, 5:00 p.m. Voting in the 2020 election will be online only and in-person voting will not be available this year.

    In order to vote during elections, voters:

    • Must be benefits-eligible (50% FTE or greater) staff members.
    • Must know their CougarNet account username and password.
    • May cast their vote for no more than the number of open positions available for their division and for one At-Large candidate.
    • May write-in one candidate for their division (if it has open positions) and one At-Large candidate.
    • May cast their vote from any computer with internet access or at any of the additional polling sites.
    • May only vote once. The online voting site will reject any voter’s attempt to go through the voting system more than once.
  • Questions

    Staff Council Elections are overseen by the Membership and Elections Committee in accordance with the Election Code

    If you have questions, please contact Brisa Gossett at bgossett@Central.UH.EDU or 713-743-0474.