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Office of Assessment

About the Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment is committed to collecting assessment data to inform the College and its stakeholders of the College's strengths and to identify areas where improvement is needed.

This continuous process of collecting and assessing data allows us to make evidence-based decisions and changes that may be needed to benefit our program.


The University of Houston College of Pharmacy is committed to being a leader in education, research, service and pharmacist-delivered patient care in a diverse society to develop life-long learners, to improve health outcomes and significantly advance scientific discovery.

Guided by this mission, we have developed a plan for continuous assessment and improvement of the Doctor of Pharmacy professional program. 


The Programmatic Assessment Plan (PAP) is designed to evaluate all aspects of the program including organizational governance, culture and processes that drive the program.

The Professional Program Student Learning Outcome (PPSLO) Plan is designed to evaluate and assess student learning as well as the foundation and structure of the curriculum.

Assessment Map