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Curricular Assessment

PPSLO Assessment Plan

The PPSLO Assessment Plan is designed to evaluate and assess student learning as well as the foundation and structure of the curriculum.

Professional Pharmacy Student Learning Outcomes (PPSLOs)

In 2014, the UHCOP adopted a new set of program-level outcomes, Professional Pharmacy Student Learning Outcomes (PPSLOs), based on the 2013 CAPE outcomes. The PPSLOs consist of 10 domains with each one having between 2 and 8 sub-domains. These PPSLOs were mapped to didactic and experiential courses as well as the co-curriculum.

The PPSLO Domains are:

  1. Communication
  2. Foundational Sciences
  3. Critical & Innovative Thinking
  4. Health Information Evaluation
  5. Medication Order Evaluation & Preparation
  6. Patient-Centered Care
  7. Professionalism & Teamwork
  8. Personal & Professional Growth
  9. Health Care Management
  10. Population Based Care

Assessment of Student Learning

Key data points that assess student learning are:
  • National Comparisons
  • Key PPSLO Assessments
  • IPPE Competencies
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • APPE Readiness
  • APPE Competencies
  • Student Self-Assessment of Competency
  • e-Portfolios
  • Student Professional Development
  • Interprofessional Development
  • Key assessments identified in our PPSLO Map
  • Data from IPPE Evaluations of students by preceptor
  • Performance based assesments such as OSCEs
  • PCOA and Case Exam as determinants of APPE Readiness
  • Data from APPE Evaluations of students by preceptor
  • Student reflection on acheivement of PPSLOs
  • Individual data on student achievement of PPSLOs and co-curricular activities
  • Data on student achievement of soft skills
  • Data from IPE activities

Assessment of the Curriculum

Key data points that assess the curriculum are:
  • Course Preview
  • Course Review
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Curricular Progress
  • Evaluation of PPSLOs and Competencies
  • Progression Rates
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Course Evaluation Data
  • Ensuring new curriculum is designed as planned
  • Continuous review of courses after they have been taught
  • Ensuring there are no holes or gaps in content
  • Ensuring new curriculum is implemented
  • Review and update as standards and guidance are revised
  • Delayed graduation, suspension and withdrawal rates
  • AACP Survey Data regarding the curriculum
  • Student feedback regarding courses


The PPSLO Assessment Plan is assessed by the Assessment Committee twice yearly, with a mid-spring review of fall data after it has been collected and input into the tracking document, and a late summer review of spring data.


After all data from the year has been collected, reviewed by the Assessment Committee and referred to either the course coordinator or the Curriculum Committee, data is released to the faculty as a whole.