Vision 2030 Strategic Plan - University of Houston
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Established in 1946 as the second college of its kind in the state, the University of Houston College of Pharmacy combines the opportunities and experiences of the Texas Medical Center’s world-class healthcare community with resources of the University of Houston, the state's premier urban teaching and research university, to offer its students the best possible education. The UH College of Pharmacy aspires to foster a commitment to lifelong learning and an environment where students develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills consistent with the high standards of their profession and/or scientific field.

Mission and Vision

2030 Vision Statement: To be a world-class college of pharmacy through innovative education and pioneering research to transform health outcomes.

2030 Mission Statement: Provide comprehensive interdisciplinary education and training in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice to advance scientific discovery, serve diverse communities, improve health, and quality of life.



  • Curiosity and Passion: Striving for excellence in the pursuit of lifelong learning, research and patient care
  • Inspiration and Exploration: Cultivating a culture of innovation and discovery
  • Collaboration and Collegiality: Synergizing research and education, working together to solve health challenges
  • Leadership and Advocacy: Advancing the profession with inspiration, tenacity, and passion
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Welcoming, promoting, and integrating diverse ideas, practices and people
  • Integrity and Respect: Upholding rigorous moral, ethical, and professional standards

Environmental Scan

SWOT Analysis



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