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Pharmacy Alumni Association

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  • alumni at tailgate

About the Pharmacy Alumni Association

The UH Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) is a constituent group of The University of Houston Alumni Association (UHAA), a non-profit organization that represents more than 18,000 alumni members across the globe.

Through membership in the UHAA/PAA, UH College of Pharmacy alumni help support the academic programs of the college, promote the professional development of alumni and students, participate in community service projects and enhance the value of their UHCOP degrees.

The UHAA/PAA and the college also partner on many events and activities throughout the year, including Homecoming Week & Tailgate, to strengthen the connection among alumni, students, faculty and staff of the college.

For more information on the benefits and opportunities provided by membership in UHAA, please visit the The University of Houston Alumni Association or call 713-743-9550 (toll-free at 1-877-268-4271).

Networking Socials

Throughout the year, the UH Pharmacy Alumni Association hosts alumni-student and alumni-only Networking Socials in the spirit of fellowship, fun, professional advancement and support of the UHCOP's educational mission.