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Mission, Vision and Values

A Vision of the Future:  “Caring for Texans through health and discovery”

The college will be a leader in education, research, service and pharmacist-delivered patient care in a diverse society to develop life-long learners, to improve health outcomes and significantly advance scientific discovery.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the University of Houston College of Pharmacy is to:

  • Provide comprehensive education that prepares students for pharmacist delivered patient care in a diverse healthcare environment.
  • Prepare students to be innovative practitioners who exhibit the ideals of professionalism, leadership, critical thinking, life-long learning and ethical behavior.
  • Prepare graduate students and post doctoral trainees to be excellent innovative researchers who become leaders in significantly advancing scientific discovery.
  • Discover and disseminate knowledge by conducting basic and applied research and scholarly activities leading to the discovery of novel therapeutic entities.
  • Assess, evaluate and improve efforts in education, research and delivery of patient care.
  • Raise awareness of the value of pharmacy among consumers, patients, policymakers, the media, all healthcare partners and stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the worldwide systematic improvement of health care delivery and the health of our communities.


The strategic decisions and daily operations of the College’s faculty and staff will be reflective of the following Values:

  • Responsibility — acting morally, ethically and with integrity, as well as being accountable for one’s actions. Students, faculty and staff have a duty to adhere to these standards. We also recognize our duty to be thoughtful stewards of those resources entrusted to us.
  • Innovation — creation of knowledge that results in the development of in more effective products, processes and technologies. Also, new ideas and methodologies that are accepted by stakeholders in pharmacy education, research and patient care.
  • Collaboration — the development of educational, research and practice partnerships among students, practitioners, educators and other stakeholders.
  • Quality — the pursuit of excellence, which is cultivated and assessed through a process of continual quality improvement.
  • Professionalism — the demonstration of structural, attitudinal and behavioral attributes of a profession and its members. Certain professional attributes, including a service orientation; caring; respect for others; accountability and responsibility for one’s action; integrity; honesty; ethically sound decision making; and a commitment to life-long learning are fundamental to our functioning as learners, educators, researchers, scholars and practitioners of pharmacy.