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Advisory Councils

Dean's Executive Council

Serving in an advisory capacity to the Dean, the Dean's Executive Council is composed of all Associate/Assistant Deans and Department Chairs within the college. Ex-officio members of the Executive Council include chairs of the Faculty Advisory and Staff Advisory councils; the top College Business Office administrator; Assistant Department Chairs; and staff directors/managers representing the college's Development, Communications, Information Technology and other functional areas/offices.

The Executive Council shall meet as required by the Dean or by a quorum petition of the Council members.

Dean's Executive Council Members

F. Lamar Pritchard, Dean

Rajender Aparasu, Department Chair, Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy (PHOP)

Elizabeth Coyle, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Kevin Garey, Department Chair, Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research (PPTR)

Tahir Hussain, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Brian Knoll, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Ashok Kumar, Department Chair, Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (PPS)

Kimberly Nguyen, Assistant Dean for Student and Professional Affairs

Nancy Ordonez, Assistant Dean for Experiential Programs

Ronnie Ozuna, Assistant Dean for Rio Grande Valley Pharm.D. Satellite Program

Paige Pitman, Executive Associate Dean

Ex Officio Members

Paul Boyle, Director, College Information Technology Support

Greg Cuny, PPS Assistant Department Chair

Khadijah Dent, Director of Advancement

Jason Eriksen, Chair of Faculty Advisory Council

Julianna Fernandez, PPTR Assistant Department Chair

Michael Johnson, PHOP Assistant Department Chair

Chip Lambert, Communications Manager

Miranda McMorris, Executive Director of Business Operations

Melissa Nieto, Chair of Staff Advisory Council

MariVi Tejada Simon, Director of Faculty Development

David Wallace, Director of Co-Curriculum