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Advisory Councils

UHCOP Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council shall meet at least once each semester during the academic year to discuss matters brought forth by the faculty.

The Council shall facilitate faculty development, ensure that faculty concerns are aired to the College administration, review and/or update the College By-laws every two years, and shall nominate faculty members for other College councils, e.g., Pharmacy Council, where appropriate.

The Council shall solicit nominations for the UH College of Pharmacy AACP faculty delegate in November, and Faculty Research, Teaching and Service Excellence Awards in the spring. An ad-hoc committee composed of the Faculty Advisory Council and one additional member elected from each department shall serve to evaluate the nominations received for the College Excellence Awards, making a final recommendation to the Dean for approval. If a member of the Faculty Advisory Council has been nominated for one or more of the awards, he/she shall not participate in the evaluation process for that/those awards.

The Council shall be composed of a chair and two faculty members, one elected from each department. Members will hold office for a two-year term. The College representative(s) to the Faculty Senate shall serve as ex-officio member(s) of the Council. The Chair of the Council shall be elected at the Fall General Faculty Meeting for a two-year term. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Council. Voting members of the Executive Council shall be excluded from membership on the Faculty Advisory Council. The Chair of the Staff Advisory Council shall be an ex-officio member.

The Council shall report to the Dean at least once each semester.

Faculty Advisory Council Members, 2021-22

Jason Eriksen, Chair (Faculty elected, 17-20, 20-23)

Michael Johnson (PHOP elected, 21-24)

Gomika Udugamasooriya (PPS elected, 16-19, 19-22)

Divya Varkey (PPTR elected, 20-23)

Melissa Nieto, Chair of Staff Advisory Council, Ex-Officio

Diana Chow (Faculty Senate) RSC – exp 8/19/2022, Ex-Officio

Romi Ghose (Faculty Senate) BFC, FCG Officer– exp 8/19/2022, 8/19/2021, Ex-Officio

Greg Cuny (GPSC) exp 8/19/2023, Ex-Officio

Meghna Trivedi, (GPSC) exp 8/19/2022, Ex-Officio

Doug Thornton, (CGRC) exp 8/19/2023, Ex-Officio