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web — web is lowercase.

webcam — one word, lowercase.

webcast — one word, lowercase.

webmaster — one word, lowercase.

webpage — one word, lowercase.

webfeed — one word, lowercase.

website — one word, lowercase.

well — Hyphenate as part of a compound modifier.

We were well-organized for our upcoming conference.






who, whomWho is the subject (never the object) of a sentence, clause or phrase. Use whom when someone is the object of a verb or preposition.

The only student who studied for all the tests made an A in the course.

Who is it?

The student to whom the A was given leaped for joy.

Whom do you want to see?

Wortham House — The Wortham House is the primary residence of the President/Chancellor of UH/UHS and family. The Wortham House was first known as the Sterling Mansion, built by Frank P. Sterling in 1925. It was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts in 1948, and then sold to Gus Wortham in 1951. Lyndall Wortham bequeathed the house to the University of Houston upon her death in 1980, with instructions that it be used as a residence for the University President.

The Wortham House may be referenced as "University of Houston Wortham House" or "The Wortham House." (Capital "T")

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