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ranges — $4 million to $6 million. Not $4 to $5 million

reenrollment — not re-enrollment

reevaluate — not re-evaluate

regard — not regards

Yes: In regard to your question, the answer is yes.
Yes: With regard to the bylaws, we must have a quorum to vote.

No: In regards to your question, the answer is no.

Exception: Give her my regards.

regions, directions — Lowercase directions when they indicate compass direction. Capitalize when they refer to regions.  He drove west.  The storm passed through the Midwest this afternoon.

see directions, regions

residence hall — Do not use dormitory or dorm.

room — Capitalize room when used with a number and the name of specific rooms.

Room 129, Pacific Room

RSVP — means please reply. Do not use periods.

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