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e.g. — means for example and is always followed by a comma

electronic addresses — Lowercase electronic addresses unless the address is case sensitive.

If an Internet address falls at the end of a sentence, use a period. If an address breaks between lines, split it directly after a slash or a dot that is part of the address, without inserting a hyphen.

ellipses — Ellipses are three periods that indicate an omission within a quoted sentence or fragment of a sentence. There is a space before the first period and after the last period. An ellipsis may be preceded or followed by other punctuation.

email — not e-mail. This was updated as of 2012. However, use a hyphen with other e-terms: e-bank, e-commerce, etc.

I received your email yesterday.

em-dash — long hyphen (—)

emeritus — Place emeritus after the formal title.

Professor Emeritus John Flinn

Joanie Flinn, professor emeritus of creative writing

en-dash — midsized hyphen (–)

ensure, insure — Ensure means to guarantee. Insure is used in references to insurance.

Steps were taken to ensure the accuracy of the statistics.

The policy insures the car.

exhibit (v.), exhibition (n.)

Yes: He will exhibit pieces from his new collection at the Blaffer  Art Museum at the University of Houston.
Yes: The exhibition was a complete success.

No: The exhibit attracted artists from all over Houston.

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