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University of Houston
Brand Center

The University of Houston brand is at the heart of who we are as an institution. It's our identity, personality and the shared voice in which we tell our story. We designed these resources to keep the UH brand consistent and to help us share with our audiences the key differentiators that make UH a world-class institution.

  • Brand Fundamentals

    The foundations of our messaging: Who we are and how we sound, including our Brand Pillars and Personality Traits.

  • Brand Identity

    The visual elements that make up the University of Houston brand, including the UH Marks, UH Logo System and our visual identity guidelines.

  • Brand Protection

    How to use the UH brand: Guidance for UH students, faculty, staff, licensees and third parties.

  • Brand Resources

    The place to go for requests, approvals, brand downloads and reference materials.