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faculty — singular noun, collective body of people

The UH faculty is large and diverse.

The faculties at UH, UH-Downtown and UH-Clear Lake are large and diverse.

Use faculty member (singular) and faculty members (plural) to refer to individuals.

Consult your adviser or another faculty member in your department.

The advisory group consists of four faculty members and one student.

see academic titles

fax —Do not use all capital letters. Fax may be used as a verb. It is not an acronym.

Your information may be sent by fax.

You may fax your information to me.

fellow — Lowercase when referred to generically. Capitalize fellow when the honor follows a personal name. Capitalize the name of the fellowship.

Lawrence Jones, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; the fellowship

freshman — Acceptable term for first-year students. Freshmen (plural)

She is a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering.

Cougar First Impressions is intended to help the entering freshman class.


fundraising — not fund raising or fund-raising. One word in all cases.

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