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Filming at UH

Personal photos and video may be taken by students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and other campus visitors for personal, non-commercial purposes. On-campus photography and videography must be consistent with UH policy and not interfere with the ongoing operations of the University.

UH accommodates reasonable requests for journalistic, news-related, non-commercial shooting, but reserves the right to deny permission when the request runs contrary to University policies, especially those that ensure student privacy.

UH restricts the use of its land or buildings for commercial filming. Express permission is required and requests will be considered on a limited, case-by-case basis submitted at least 30 days prior to shooting and in coordination with a sponsoring division, college or other unit.

News-Related Filming and Photography

News media may shoot news photography in outdoor, public, non-restricted spaces on campus. As a courtesy, news media are asked to notify a media relations representative when news-related shoots will occur in any of these areas on campus. Permission is required to shoot news-related images in all indoor spaces, including the library, classrooms, laboratories, residential, dining and athletics facilities.

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Non-News and Commercial Filming

University of Houston restricts the use of its land and buildings for commercial filming. However, the Division of Marketing and Communications will consider specific requests involving photography or videography in television shows, movies, documentaries or educational-related projects related to UH subject matter. Express permission is required and all requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to projected shoot date. All commercial film shoot requests will be carried out in coordination with a sponsoring UH department, college, division or other established unit.

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Student Filming

Filming on the UH campus or in UH-owned or operated facilities for academic purposes is limited only to UH students, staff and faculty and others attending UH academic programs, UH sponsored programs and other programs that occur on UH’s campus and for which photography or videography is part of the program. UH students may film if their project is to fulfill academic credit or is the requirement of a class project.

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Internal UH Projects

UH divisions, departments, colleges and other established units of the University of Houston are permitted to shoot video or contract video services for the purpose of video production related to the department, college or division. Certain procedures and guidelines must be followed.

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Guidelines and Information

The following guidelines are applicable to all film shoots on campus:

  • Filming must not be disruptive and must be done in accordance with all University policy.
  • The project must not create a safety hazard for anyone involved in the project or to the campus community.
  • Prior permission is required for all non-news and commercial film shoots.
  • Indoor shooting at UH is prohibited without permission from the University. If applicable, faculty members with responsibility for the space, such as labs, classrooms or clinical research areas, must also provide approval.
  • Appropriate releases are required for all individuals appearing on-camera.
  • Various fees may be incurred during film shoots requiring University services, including use of certain facilities and, possibly, security.
  • Facsimile weapons, pyrotechnics, explosives, amplified sound, sound or visual effects and other props that would cause alarm to the campus community are prohibited.
  • Commercial works that include the University’s name, logos or other trademarked images need to be granted a license from the University for use of trademarks.
  • Members of the University Marketing and Communications staff are not available to scout locations for non-news, internal or student video shoots.