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scholarship and fellowship — Only capitalize the words that are part of the official name of a scholarship or fellowship; scholarship or fellowship may or may not be included in that name.

Rhodes Scholarship, Rhodes Scholar (no apostrophe)

Fulbright Scholarship, Fulbright Scholar

Truman Scholarship, Truman Scholar

Soros Fellowship, Soros Fellow

Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Fellow

TierOne Scholars

seasonssee academic year

semesterssee academic year

semicolon — A semicolon is used to link related independent clauses (each with a subject and a verb). Do not use a semicolon to link an independent clause with a dependent clause, which does not have a subject and a verb.

Yes: They have played badly every year since 1980; this year may be different.

No: Last year, we spent our vacation in Oregon; the year before in Colorado. (There is no verb in the second clause.)

Semicolons also may be used to separate complex items in a series, especially if those items contain commas.

The committee members included: Jack Jones, president of Jones Industries; Amber Henderson, local philanthropist; Harry Smith, owner of the Sioux Falls Stallion; and Phil Charles, journalist with the Independence Messenger

state names — Spell out in the body of a story, whether standing alone or in conjunction with a city.

state — Lowercase in all state of constructions and when used as an adjective to specify a level of jurisdiction.

state of Texas, state funds

systemwide — one word

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