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Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture

The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture, enabling students to become effective design leaders and innovators.

Design is the focus of undergraduate studies and provides students with access to resources involving research, building and community components. Students gain hands-on experience in studio courses with guidance from experienced faculty.

Check out our Interior Architecture program brochure for prospective students.

Degree Plan

The program for the Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture degree is a four-year program focusing on the design of architectural interiors with particular focus on sustainability, materiality, color theory, lighting, and the social and cultural aspects of habitable space. The program offers 132 semester hours. The degree includes the University’s required core curriculum and 13 semester hours of elective courses. Because of the mutual and overlapping bonds of Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Architecture, the programs share a common first semester curriculum, and Interior Architecture and Architecture share studios through the Foundation Level.  Degree plans are not official unless/until students meet with their Academic Advisors.

Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture Degree Plan 2022