Savannah Heistad - University of Houston
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Savannah Heistad

Summer 2018

My name is Savannah Heistad and I will be a senior this fall with a major in Management and a focus in Human Resources. I have been an RA on campus for two years and this coming year I will be working as a Community Mentor. I also serve as the Director of Public Relations for the Student Government Association. Both positions have given me so many applicable skills to be successful during my summers spent as an intern at USAA in their Ethics Office.

The two summers that I have spent at USAA have been fantastic! From day one, it is so obvious that USAA truly cares and advocates for its members. USAA is built upon core values of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Service. Throughout the summer there were many opportunities for the 312 interns to learn about USAA, Corporate America, leadership and much more. We had speaker series with executives, a Wounded Warrior, and the CEO. They also hosted mentoring sessions and social events throughout the summer so that we could network and learn from others who had been in our shoes.