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Career Resources

Career Counselors are here for you and providing a full line-up of appointments, drop-in hours, and workshops virtually.

Are you Career Ready?

Career Readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college students for a successful transition into the workplace.

The 8 competencies are highlighted in our Career Readiness Infographic.

Career Development Action Plans and Checklist

University Career Services (UCS) has developed a Career Development Action Plan and Checklist that can help guide your career development and planning while at the University of Houston. We encourage you to read through each section and become familiar with the content.

Explore (0-29 credits)

Engage (30-59 credits)

Empower & Employ (60+ credits)

Career Assessments

Career or Vocational Assessment tools are designed to help students (1) identify their career and interests (2) help students explore their personality and how their preferences affect their interactions in the workplace (3) clarify their values, specifically what matters to them, e.g. making lots of money or feeling that what they do makes a difference, working alone or in a team.

We offer the following FREE assessment:

  • Focus 2 - Focus 2 is an innovative approach to career exploration and planning. This online tool is customized to connect your assessment results to the University of Houston's majors. Student instructions for Focus 2.
  • Explore Your Holland Codes to learn more about interests and careers that might be a good fit for you!

We offer the following assessments for $15:

To take an assessment, please schedule a “pre-assessment” appointment with a career counselor through Cougar Pathway for instructions on taking the assessment. Your assessment code and a payment link will be provided by a career counselor. The $15 fee can be paid by credit or debit card only.

Recorded Workshops

Career Fair Preparation

What is a career fair?

A Career Fair is an event where recruiters and students can meet to discuss potential internship or career opportunities. During a Career Fair (traditionally) recruiters will stand at booths and students will walk around the event, stopping at booths to introduce themselves to the recruiter and give their resume. At the University of Houston, there are multiple Career Fairs per semester. Below is a link to all UH Career Fairs. NOTE: Some Career Fairs restrict attendance to specific majors.

How to prepare for a career fair?

  • RSVP for the Career Fair via Cougar Pathway (Only applicable to UCS Career Fairs)
  • Review the employers attending on Cougar Pathway and research their mission, vision, and open positions. Use our Employer Research Worksheet to note your research.
  • Decide which employers you would like to meet with and plan a strategy for speaking with them
  • Prepare your resume with the help of a career counselor
  • Review our Career Fair Preparation Worksheet
  • Practice answering the “tell me about yourself” question or work on your Elevator Pitch
  • Pick our your Business Professional attire (Dress Code Policy)
  • Arrive early to park, prepare and relax!

Career fair etiquette

  • Dress Professionally
  • Bring mints to maintain fresh breath (no gum)
  • Do not wear strong cologne or perfume
  • Do not bring a backpack or large purse
  • Shake hands firmly, but not too firm
  • Turn off or silence your cell phone
  • Be enthusiastic and positive during the fair
  • Be courteous of the recruiter’s time
  • Thank the recruiter for their time
  • Follow up with the recruiter, if possible

Choosing a Major

The first step in choosing a career is to identify your skills, interests, personality, and values. Then, you can explore possible occupations based on your assessment. Below are resources to help you begin the exploration process:

Recorded Workshops

Cougar Pathway

University Career Services uses an online career management system called Cougar Pathway to provide resources and support to students and alumni.

How to use Cougar Pathway

  • How to schedule a career counseling appointment
  • Search and apply for on-campus jobs, internships, and full-time jobs
  • Get a resume, CV or cover letter virtually reviewed
  • Schedule on-campus interviews
  • RSVP or sign up for workshops, employer meet and greets and career fairs

Diversity Resources

Diversity Statement Lists

Resources for Community Members with Criminal Records

Navigating the Job Search with a Criminal Record

Resources for First-Generation College Students

List of support services for UH students

Resources for Veterans Community Members

Resources for African Americans Community Members

Resources for LGBTQ Community Members

Resources for Hispanic/Latino Community Members

Resources for Women Community Members

Resources for International Community Members

Resources for Community Members with Disabilities

Graduate Student Resources

1:1 Career Counseling
Schedule a 30 minute, one on one career counseling appointment. During the appointment, you can discuss any career-related topic, from resume/cv to salary negotiation.

Graduate Student Welcome Reception
During Fall UCS hosts a welcome reception for graduate students to learn about our services and events. We hope you will join us! Check Cougar Pathway for event information and to RSVP.

20/20/20 Workshop
Come spend an hour at University Career Services learning about the top 3 topics important to graduate students. This workshop will review job search, networking, and interviewing for graduate students in 20-minute sections. Check Cougar Pathway for workshop dates and times.

Mock Interviewing for Industry and Academic Positions

View our Interview prep resources and common interview questions for additional support.

Recorded Workshops

Informational Interviews

Conduct an Informational Interview

Informational Interviews are great ways for YOU to connect with professionals and learn more about their roles and responsibilities. Prepare strong, open-ended questions you hope to learn from the professional.

Recorded Workshops

Interview Preparation

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect! If you have an upcoming interview, we are able to help you prepare.

  • Career counselors can conduct mock interviews with you to better prepare you for your upcoming interview. Your career counselor will try to resemble a real interview as closely as possible, so please bring a copy of a job description and your resume to the appointment. Schedule an appointment in Cougar Pathway.

Recorded Workshops

Interview Resources

Interview Formats

  • Group Interviews
  • Virtual Interviews (Skype or recorded)
  • Phone Interviews
  • In-Person Interviews

Interview Questions

Interview questions are designed by companies to make sure they are gathering enough information to determine if they want to hire you. Each company will have different questions depending on the position and responsibilities.

Below are types of interview questions:

  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Technical Interviews
  • Case Studies

Search Portals

Looking for ways to search for internships or jobs? Check out these online search portals:

Types of Opportunities

Internship - Internship Planning Worksheet

An internship is a supervised pre-professional LEARNING experience, where students apply their skills and knowledge gained from their academic background in a professional setting. This experience is directly related to a student’s major or career interest and offers a preview of what works in their chosen profession will be like.

  • Texas Internship Challenge: The Texas Internship Challenge is a partnership between the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Texas Education Agency (TEA), and The Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), which challenge employers to offer paid internships and make it easy for students to search and apply for them.


An externship is a temporary training program in a workplace, usually offered to students as part of a course.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

A Co-op is a type of internship program that enables college students to receive career training with pay. More information on Cooperative Education.


Shadowing is traditionally an unpaid experience where students observe a professional during a full day or half-day. The student is simply observing the tasks of that professional to determine if that is a potential area of interest.

Career Transitions

Recorded Workshops

LeadUH Coog Careers Certificate

Discover your career path and learn how Cougars lead in the workforce. Through the CoogCareers program, participants will develop their networking and job hunting skills. Participants will have opportunities to connect with employers during one on one career counseling sessions, career panels, employer mock-interviews, and networking events. Learning to lead yourself is just as important as learning to lead others. To complete the CoogCareers program, participants must complete 5 credits.

Networking / LinkedIn

It is estimated 70-80 percent of jobs are advertised through non-traditional job search channels. Networking refers to the process of discovering and utilizing connections between people to exchange information and ideas about careers, job search strategies, and job opportunities. It is the most effective career exploration and job search tool! Below are some networking resources:


Career Fairs

Local Resources

Preparing for Graduate or Professional School

Are you thinking about applying to graduate or professional school? Below are resources to help guide you:

Recorded Workshops

Professional Attire

Regarding Gender Identity and Attire

Your research on a particular employer or field, in addition to your comfort level, will assist in your choice to wear clothes associated with your gender identity or to wear gender-neutral clothing.

Dress Code Policy

University of Houston University Career Services (UCS) has developed a dress code policy based on employer feedback for all Career Fairs occurring during the Fall and Spring academic year. This includes virtual career fairs. UCS requires students to dress professionally in order to represent the University of Houston in a positive and professional business manner to those individuals visiting our campus.

UCS advises to dress in business professional for virtual career events, and UCS asks students to refrain from wearing the following to in-person UCS Career Fair:

  • T-shirts
  • Short-sleeved shirts (tank tops or cut-off shirts)
  • Exposed backs, arms, and midriffs
  • Sneakers
  • Flip Flops
  • Casual Sandals
  • Shorts (Cargo, jean, or khakis)
  • Jeans
  • Athletic Gear (Sweatpants, workout shorts, yoga pants, and hooded sweatshirts)
  • Hats

Professional Dress Resources

Currently enrolled UH-Main and UH-Sugarland campus students have access to the Professional Dress Assistance resources below. Please check the links to their websites and social media accounts for updates.

  • Career Gear: Career Gear's Philosophy is that successful employment serves as a catalyst for men to emerge as better fathers and leaders. Since 2004, Career Gear has helped over 7,000 men-in-need builds better lives. Career Gear offers services to low-income, job-ready men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. COVID-19 Update: Career Gear will continue to serve career readiness needs and those who have obtained gainful employment in the last 30 days. However, these appointments will only be available on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
  • Dress for Success: Dress for Success Houston promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Since 1998, Dress for Success Houston has provided business attire to more than 50,000 women in the Houston community. COVID-19 Update: Referral can be made from our office by selecting a professional attire appointment in Cougar Pathway, and complete the Dress for Success Survey after the appointment.
  • UCS Career Closet: The UCS Career Closet is a service offered by UH University Career Services, where students care to rent business professional clothing. Business professional suits come in either pantsuits or skirt suits and are available in multiple sizes and cuts. COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are no longer accepting professional attire donations at this time. We will institute the following precautious with the growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19.
    • STEP 1: Eligible students will schedule a "Career Closet" Appointment through Cougar Pathway via AccessUH.
      1. A student will arrive; check Cougar Pathway to confirm they have an approved career closet appointment. To verify availability, appointments must be scheduled one day prior.
    • STEP 2: Students will complete a career closet survey to determine the appropriate size. The student will arrive for their scheduled no contact "Career Closet" Appointment at the UCS office (Student Service Center 1, Room 106) and work with a UCS staff member to pick up the preselected suit jacket and pants or skirt.
      1. The career closet survey will be completed prior to arriving at your career closet appointment. In an effort to have a safe and contactless experience, there will be not an opportunity to try on the suit. It is important to take precise measurements and follow the size charts included in the survey.
      2. If suit size was shared in the survey and is available, it will be hung on the clothes rack behind the front desk with the student's name and PSID.
      3. If the student does not know their size, UCS staff will escort the student back to the UCS Career Closet (CC) and allow them to try on suits until they find one that fits appropriately. The student may use the changing room in the closet or they can use the restroom.
    • STEP 3: Once a suit has been chosen, the student will work with the UCS staff member to complete the suit sign out and pay $10 via credit or debit card only. Students must return the garments to the UCS office (Student Service Center 1, Room 106), or fines and UCS services penalties, will be incurred.

Recorded Workshops

Resume, CV, Cover Letter


A resume shows your relevant professional experiences, education, skills, volunteer activities, and honors in a written formal document and is used to apply for jobs or internships.

Cover Letter

Cover letters serve as a written introduction of yourself expressing interest in a position within an organization. Cover letters are tailored for each position and highlight specific skills and abilities that relate to the job.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A curriculum vitae or CV is traditionally used in academic settings and tends to be multiple pages and could be used when applying for graduate or professional school, research positions, academic positions or grant proposals

Recorded Workshops

Financial Literacy

The first step to financial freedom is learning how to budget your financials. There are several budgeting apps and tools to choose from.


Recorded Workshops

Salary Negotiation

Often the words “Salary Negotiation” can strike fear in the hearts of students, however, with practice and preparation you can obtain the salary you truly deserve. UCS can assist you with researching different salaries related to various positions you are applying to. We can also help you market yourself and teach you strategies for negotiating your salary through mock salary negotiations. Use our Budget Worksheet to determine your goal salary and then use our Salary Negotiation Guide to develop your strategy. Additional salary negotiation resources are below:

Recorded Workshops