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Meet your Campus Liaison!

Your UCS Campus Liaison serves as your point of contact at UCS. We can support you with the following:


University Career Services Career Services can present to your students on a variety of career-related topics. Request a Presentation.

In Class Announcements

Your UCS Campus Liaison can share a brief announcement to your students about our upcoming career fairs, events, and services. Email your Liaison to request an in-class announcement.

Name Colleges Served Email
Priyanka Raut Nursing, Technology, and Education at UH at Sugar Land and UH at Katy
Donah Justice Education, Graduate College of Social Work
Lauren Hermann Hotel & Restaurant Management, Architecture & Design, Exploratory Studies
Adalia Espinosa Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; UH Law Center
TBD Valenti School of Communication; UH Graduate School
Cynthia Olmedo College of Technology
Tiffany Bitting UH Graduate School; Professional Programs
Jamie Gonzales Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; UH Law Center​
Sandra Merino-Osorio Engineering; Natural Sciences and Mathematics