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Work Experience F.A.Q.'s

Should I work during my professional years?

Our program is a year-round program which means summer school classes are required, and generally speaking, because of the schedule, students are unable to work full time. A great number of students do not work as they do not find the time in their schedules. Of those who do work, our students work part time for about 10-15 hours weekly to supplement their income.

Some say working in a pharmacy assists them in better understanding of their coursework. If you must work full time, do so during the pre-pharmacy portion of your academic career and attend school part-time. Doing both full-time work and school could result in grades which are under the average GPA of our applicant pools.

What type of work experience should I do? Do I have to be a certified technician? How many hours is the College looking for?

A student does not have to become a certified pharmacy technician in order to apply to the College of Pharmacy. However it is recommended, as certified pharmacy technicians typically have more opportunities to volunteer or work directly with pharmacists.

A student is always encouraged to volunteer or work when possible within various pharmacy environments in order to better assess their decision to become a pharmacist. In addition, a recommendation from a pharmacist is encouraged and spending time with pharmacist(s) ensures a valid and hopefully strong recommendation. There is no specified number of hours required.

To learn more about the pharmacy technician program, see the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board website. Technician certification is NOT a requirement for our college admissions.