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Coursework F.A.Q.'s

I am an undergraduate student at another college/university and wish to take prerequisite courses for admission to the Pharm.D. program. I am unsure what courses UHCOP will count for your prerequisites. How do I find out which courses from the college I now attend will count as UHCOP prerequisites?

Visit the UH College of Pharmacy Course Equivalency Guides for a comprehensive list of course equivalency guides.

We understand that your college or university may not offer all the courses required and you may need to take courses at other colleges/universities. Also note that the course number and name may be different at your college/university.

While we can assist you in most cases, the pre-health or pre-pharmacy advisor on your campus is your most valuable resource. Your advisor can assist you in appropriate course selection and locating your local campus resources. An official evaluation of your transcript is done at the time of application.

Do you accept Pass/Fail grades for spring and summer courses?

Beginning the summer 2021 semester, a letter-grade of "C" (2.0 GPA) or higher is required for meeting all prerequisite courses. For coursework completed prior to summer 2021 semester, a "Pass" grade will be used for meeting the prerequisite course.

Trying to determine what courses apply to Component Area Option; Language, Philosophy & Culture; or Creative Arts?

Please refer to the your college's core curriculum page for details (Texas public colleges/universities only). If you are unsure if a course satisfies any core requirements, please email us at for further clarification.

How can my CLEP, AP or other test credits be used for meeting prerequisite courses?

The simplest method is to have the official college/university transcript – listing the specific course names and course numbers for courses met through test credit – sent to PharmCAS. (Note: For some schools, what is listed on the official transcript may differ from what is displayed on a student's unofficial transcript or online student portal. Verify specific courses earned through test credit are clearly listed on what is actually sent to PharmCAS.)

Another method is to have AP/CLEP/IB Student Score Reports from College Board mailed directly to UHCOP.

Could my high school Physics be used to meet the Physics prerequisite?

Two semesters or one year of high school physics in the U.S. may satisfy the Physics prerequisite course (official high school transcript must be sent directly to UHCOP). High school physics will only count as credit. It will not be used in calculate your Pharm.D. prerequisite GPA.

Note: If college-level Physics has been taken, the college-level Physics course grade must be used.

The Admissions Committee will review completed applications received by June 3, 2024. All incomplete applications will not be reviewed; therefore, we strongly encourage applicants to submit all items by the deadline.

Does Organic Chemistry transfer from a community college?

Most of the time, organic chemistry courses will transfer from a community college. However, there are some additional factors to consider. UH College of Pharmacy strongly recommends you enroll for upper-level science and math courses at a four-year institution.

How does taking an anatomy or physiology course help me?

If you have room in your schedule, take a Human Anatomy/Physiology course. Students who've taken this course indicate that it helped them be better prepared for the first-year class Organ Systems Life Sciences I in the Pharm.D. curriculum.

My college/university does not offer Biology I & Biology II lecture/lab. What classes should I take?

The Biology I & II lecture/lab series may be satisfied by taking BOTH Botany lecture/lab AND Zoology lecture/lab courses designed for science majors. If Biology I lecture/lab is taken at an institution, Biology II lecture/lab also must be completed at the same institution to meet the Biology I & II lecture/lab series.

It is NOT permissible to take either Botany lecture/lab or Zoology lecture/lab at one institution, then take Biology I lecture/lab or Biology II lecture/lab at another institution.

I made a lower grade than I desired in one of my courses. Should I take it over? Which grade will the Admissions Committee look at?

The committee looks at the prerequisite GPA and the math/science prerequisite GPA. One course grade which is a “C” would not affect the GPA greatly. However, grades below “C” are not acceptable and do affect GPA.

Repeated course grades are averaged, not replaced. Therefore, the student must determine if he/she will be able to achieve a repeating grade of an “A” in the repeated course in order to improve their GPA.

Students are cautioned against repeating too many courses or dropping numerous courses. The student should always seek assistance from their advisor on these matters.