SWOT Analysis - Threats - University of Houston
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  • Research

    • Fulfilling the COP’s contribution to the university’s research growth goals will require realignment of existing resources and substantial additional resources
    • Dependence on external entities for resources (such as core facilities, data and clinical samples) may hinder research productivity
  • People

    • Declining size of national Pharm.D. applicant pool
  • Environment

    • Increased competition for state and university resources may risk fulfilling the college’s mission
    • Saturated national job market
    • Inadequate growth of postgraduate training opportunities to meet the demand    
    • Increasing number of schools of pharmacy create challenges for attracting and/or retaining highly qualified faculty, staff and students.
    • Changes in budget allocations and policies may create challenges in the maintenance of current operations and future expansion
    • Increased competition for experiential sites present challenges in experiential education
    • Rising debt load and decreasing starting salaries could potentially impact philanthropic donations to the college