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History | 1950-1959

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1946 feature photo

1950 — The College is awarded national accreditation to only five days before the first graduating class takes the state board exams. The College of Pharmacy also is the first professional program at UH to earn national accreditation. 

1952 — UHCOP graduates its first female students, with five women in the Class of 1952. 

1950-1959 — Ferguson expands the teaching and research faculty with advanced degrees in the pharmaceutical sciences. Among the college's earliest full-time faculty members were Sue Rouse, M. George Webber (who would go on to serve a pivotal role in the formation of Professional Compounding Centers of American, now PCCA Rx), Don Kroeger, Ruth Kroeger, Martha Jane Jones, Gail Stapleton, Robert L. Boblitt Sr., and Homer Lawrence. 

Several alumni from the 1950s went on to serve on the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, including Roy Wiese (’54), Taylor Jobe (’54), and Doyle Harrell (’56), and president of the Texas Pharmacy Association, including George Webb (’51), Ed Baker (’59), Charles Atkinson (’56) and Martha Atkinson (’56).