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Where to Park on Campus

Anyone who brings a vehicle to the University of Houston campus should be aware of where to park before arriving. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can find information about where they should park on this webpage. Anyone who has questions about where to park can email or call 832-842-1097.

Parking Permit Holders

Students, faculty and staff who have a valid University of Houston parking permit who come to campus Monday-Thursday between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. must park in the location specified by their permit.

If it is Monday-Thursday after 3 p.m., or any time of the day Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then most valid UH parking permit holders can also park in any of the ungated/uncovered zone parking lots on campus, in addition to their designated location. There are several exceptions to this rule:

  • Evening-Weekend permits can ONLY be used to park on campus after 3 p.m. Monday-Friday (and any time on Saturday and Sunday).
  • Tuesday-Thursday and Monday-Wednesday-Friday permits can only be used to park in their designated garage and only on the days designated by the permit.
  • Katy permits can only be used at the University of Houston at Katy campus.
  • Do not park in restricted areas such as fire and loading zones, disabled or reserved spaces, which are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Permits must be properly displayed.
  • If you park in an orange text-to-pay space, you must pay the visitor rate, even if you have a valid UH parking permit.

Visitors / Those Without a Parking Permit

Anyone who comes to campus without a valid University of Houston parking permit must pay to park in any of the visitor parking locations on campus.

There are two types of visitor parking on campus: the visitor sections of most of the parking garages, and the text-to-pay spaces marked with orange striping in ungated parking lots.

The visitor parking rates are posted online.

Parking for Athletic Events

  • Fans driving to campus to attend a Cougar baseball game at Schroeder Park should park in the locations specified on the baseball webpage.
  • Please check the women's basketball website for parking information.
  • Consult the track and field website for information on where to park.