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Text to Pay

The University of Houston uses a text to pay system for visitor parking spaces located in parking lots across campus.

There is signage at each of the locations on campus (as well as UH Technology Bridge and UH at Sugar Land) explaining how to pay to park in these visitor spaces, which are clearly marked with orange striping

These spaces have to be paid for through the text to pay system. Please note: This does not impact visitor parking in the parking garages, which continue to utilize payment machines.

  • Do not pay until you have parked. You must pay prior to exiting your vehicle, and you must be parked in an orange parking space. Make sure the transaction is complete before leaving your vehicle.
  • To pay, customers should disconnect the Wi-Fi connection on their smart phone before texting the key word assigned to the lot to 25023. Each lot has its own key word. The key word is posted on signage at all of the locations. Make sure to text the key word that is written on the signage at the lot you are in.
  • After you send the text, you will get a text back with a link. Click on the link and follow the prompts to pay. You will need to input your payment card number the first time, but it will be saved so that you do not need to re-enter it for any future parking payments.
  • You are given an option to receive a text as your time gets close to expiring asking if you want to extend the time. You can pay to add more time if you so choose.
  • If the service is not working and you are unable to pay, you should instead utilize the visitor parking sections of the parking garages on campus. If the service is not working and you remain in the text to pay space without paying, you are at risk of being issued a citation.

License Plate Must Face the Drive Lane

  • You must park your vehicle so that a properly displayed license plate is visible from the drive lane.
  • The license plate must be displayed according to manufacturer specifications.
  • A license plate placed on a dashboard or affixed to the front or back windshields is not considered to be displayed according to manufacturer specifications.
  • If a vehicle does not have a front license plate, or the front license plate is affixed to the windshield or dashboard, then the front end of the vehicle should not face the drive lane.
  • A drive lane is the driving path directly adjacent to where a vehicle enters a parking space.
  • If a license plate is attached to the vehicle according to manufacturer specifications, but does not directly abut the drive lane, then it is not considered to be visible from the drive lane.

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