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Departmental Runner Permits

The charge for runner permits is $200, which covers a two-year period and must be paid upfront. The purpose of this permit type is to provide access to locations where a given activity requires the use of personal vehicles for university business.

Departments may request runner permits by completing the permit request form. The Runner Permit Policy must also be read and signed by everyone that will be utilizing the departmental permit. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure all users are aware of the policy.  Completed forms may be sent to

It is the department’s responsibility to control use of the runner permits. It is recommended that the department keep a usage log for runner permits in their custody.

A current UH parking permit must be displayed in conjunction with the runner permit. Runner permits are neither intended for personal use nor to enable a person to park as close as possible to their office or workplace or to provide for convenient overflow parking.

Runner permits allow parking for up to two hours in the following locations:

  1. Spaces marked as 20-minute loading zones
  2. If there are no available 20-minute loading zone spaces, the permit can be used to park in non-restricted spaces in ungated surface lots.

The permit DOES NOT authorize parking in:

  1. Gated lots (with the exception of 1C/1D E. Cullen loading zone spaces only)
  2. Garages
  3. Parking spaces reserved for the disabled (unless disabled permit is displayed)
  4. Fire lanes
  5. Text-to-pay spaces
  6. Designated visitor lots
  7. Roadways and parking lot access lanes
  8. Any space marked as "Reserved"
  9. Designated tow-away zones
  10. Pedestrian walkways
  11. Any other area not designated as a parking space

Runner permits remain the property of UH and will be revoked if it is observed being improperly used. Any citation issued while displaying this permit is the responsibility of the registered permit holder whose permit is displayed in the vehicle in question.

There is a $50 replacement fee for lost or stolen runner permits.