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What is a Living Learning Community?

A University of Houston Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students living together based on a common interest. Living Learning Communities support high levels of interaction between students who participate in and contribute to an immersive, year-long experience. Only upperclassmen are permitted to reside in an LLC.

Fast Facts

To apply for an LLC, you must have submitted your 2023-2024 Housing Agreement.

Acceptance Timeline

February 20, 2023 Applications Open
March 6, 2023 Priority Application Deadline
March 31, 2023 Acceptance Notifications
May 1, 2023 Housing Agreement Cancellation Deadline

LLC Location Application
Honors College Cougar Village I Visit the Honors College website to apply.
Cougar Experience Scholars Cougar Village II Visit the Cougar Experience Fund website to apply.
Cougar Recovery Bayou Oaks Email John Shiflet at to apply.
Gender Diversity The Quad Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.
Impact The Quad Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.
Momentum The Quad Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.
Women in STEM The Quad Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.
Bauer House The Quad Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.

Current Communities

  • Honors College

    Approximately 30 percent of Honors College freshmen choose to live on campus. By living in the Honors College LLC, students will have the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community by way of informal gatherings, social activities, and cultural events. Students must be accepted into the Honors College or be a National Merit Scholar, Terry Scholar, or a Tier-One student to reside in Honors College LLCs. After admittance, students self-select to participate in the Honors College LLCs through the Housing Portal. The Honors College LLCs are housed in Cougar Village I and Cougar Place. For more information visit the Honors College website.

  • Cougar Experience Scholars

    Student success is the University of Houston’s biggest priority, and the Cougar Experience Scholarship (CES) was created for students who strive to make campus a more vibrant environment. The Cougar Experience Scholar LLC is for all students who have been awarded the Cougar Experience Scholarship, which covers part of the cost of living on campus. The Cougar Experience Scholars LLC promotes campus engagement, lifelong friendships, and academic success. Like every scholarship, the CES will decrease students’ financial stress and allow them to better concentrate on their education and campus activities, but it is also a unique way to encourage them to build an even stronger campus community that benefits all Coogs. This community is housed in Cougar Village II. Only CES recipients are eligible to be a part of this community. Visit the Cougar Experience Scholarship page to learn more.

  • Cougar Recovery

    The Cougar Recovery LLC is for students who choose to live a sober life. Students who reside in the Cougar Recovery LLC are in recovery and are committed to continuing this lifestyle through college. Community members engage in productive campus groups and activities. Students who live in this community must be actively participating in a 12-step program and committed to participating in the floor community. The Cougar Recovery LLC is housed in Cougar Place. To apply to live in this community, email John Shiflet at

  • Gender Diversity

    Gender Diversity welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions who are seeking a safe, inclusive, comfortable, and supportive living environment. Members will be able to explore expanded definitions and roles of gender in society and engage community members in critical dialogues. Additionally, opportunities for identity development, community building, educational programming, and social events will be available throughout the year. Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.

  • Impact

    Impact members focus on a variety of social issues throughout the year including topics such as hunger, homelessness, health, wellness, education, sustainability, and they effect they have on Houstonians. As members explore each social issue, they are challenged to learn how to think globally and act locally to have a positive impact on their community. Throughout their exploration of these social issues, Impact members will have the opportunity to participate in service related to the social issues discussed. Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.

  • Momentum (Formerly Minority Male Leadership)

    By definition, Momentum is strength or force gained by motion or a series of events. Through intentional programming, connections with mentors, and capitalizing on your own strengths and passions, our goal is for members to become empowered leaders who recognize the best version of themselves and who celebrate the best versions of others. This series of events will give students selected to join Momentum the opportunity to develop meaningful connections and a support network for life. Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.

  • Women in STEM

    Student Housing & Residential Life recognizes the importance of increasing the number of women pursuing a degree and engaging in professional opportunities in the STEM field. The Women in STEM community seeks to integrate academic and social support for women pursing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This community provides members the opportunity to build relationships and cultivate a support system though educational and social programming, study nights, and group attendance at events sponsored by the various STEM academic departments. Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.

  • Bauer House

    The Bauer House community is comprised of students pursuing a degree from C. T. Bauer College of Business. Members will have the opportunity to create connections with students across the diversity of majors through academic and social programming, study nights, and group attendance at events sponsored by the College of Business. Jumpstart your journey in the business field by joining the Bauer House. Visit the MyHousing Portal to apply.