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Conference Housing Guide

Our team is excited that you are considering the University of Houston campus as your conference site. We have a beautiful campus and would enjoy the opportunity to be your host. Our summer conference season runs between late May until the end of July. Campus accommodations offer lower rates than the average hotel and afford guests the opportunity to take advantage of a large metropolitan university. Each summer, our staff serves 10,000 guests of all ages and individuals from around the world in our residential facilities. Our goal is for each group to have a positive experience and each conference to be a huge success. We encourage all new and returning group organizers to read through the information within this guide and consider our policies as you begin the planning process. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team if questions arise.


All groups interested in booking a stay at the University of Houston must complete the conference reservation request form. Requests are accepted on a continual basis and reservations are based on availability, so early submission is encouraged. Once the completed conference reservation request form is received, a staff member will provide an estimated cost of all services. Once the estimate is approved, a contract will be drafted. All reservations are still pending until a signed contract is received.


Once the guest housing agreement/contract is received, please review and have the appropriate representative sign and return it via email to Conference Housing agreement/contract, plus deposit, are due 60 business days prior to the arrival date for conference groups. An invoice, outlining 50% of all estimated fees and services, will be sent with the fully executed agreement/contract to the conference organizer. Payment on the invoice is due no later than 30 days prior to the arrival of the conference group. Failure to remit payment will result in the cancellation of the agreement/contract. 


All groups must provide proof of liability insurance (Certificate of Insurance) with their Conference Housing Agreement/Contract. The insurance policy must list the University of Houston as an additional insurer. Agreements submitted without this documentation will not be processed. 


In order to remain compliant with Texas Education Code § 51.976, all individuals who will have contact with minors during campus programs must complete state-approved training on preventing sexual abuse and child molestation. The purpose of this policy is to comply not only with the minimum legal requirements but to also ensure all campus programs for minors are conducted in a manner that is as safe as possible. All groups with minor participants must provide documentation that each individual working or volunteering has completed the state-mandated sexual abuse and child molestation training through the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) no later than 30 days prior to arriving at the University of Houston. More information can be found here.


Several meal options are available to accommodate a variety of schedules. We have an on-campus, all-you-care-to-eat facility that caters to many tastes and dietary needs. Many of our groups choose this option due to cost and convenience. For groups planning special events, trips offsite, or those who prefer a grab-and-go option, the on-campus dining commons is always an option


All cars parked on campus must display a University-issued parking permit. Reservations for parking permits must be reserved ten business days prior to arrival since requests for same-day parking cannot be guaranteed. The parking lots nearest the residence halls are  Zone D and  Zone E on the attached map. If guests choose, they can park at the Welcome Center Garage for a daily fee. A limited amount of metered parking is available outside of summer conference facilities.


Each group will be assigned an onsite coordinator who will contact the group leader at least two weeks prior to arrival to answer all questions. The coordinator will discuss the check-in and check-out procedures, room roster, policies and answer any questions. In addition, the onsite coordinator will schedule a meeting on the day the group leader arrives on campus to walk through the entire event and ensure all details are clear. Group leaders are asked to maintain open lines of communication prior to and during their time on campus.


The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is available for rental if groups would like to schedule leisure time for participants. For a daily rate, guests can use the climbing wall, indoor and outdoor natatoriums, exercise equipment, and multi-use courts. Organizations should be sure to indicate any usage requests in advance of arrival.



Will your group need a setup with tables and chairs for check-in or checkout? If so, please list this on the conference reservation form or let us know at least two weeks prior to the group’s arrival date.


Outdoor space reservations are available upon request. As with indoor spaces, prices and locations vary depending on group needs. An estimate will be provided on the guest housing agreement/contract. Availability is limited and same-day requests cannot be guaranteed. All groups are encouraged to notify the Conference Services staff of any needs in advance.


Limited meeting rooms are available upon request. Prices and locations vary depending on group needs. Classroom requests must be submitted on the conference reservation form. Unfortunately, Conference Services cannot guarantee same-day or specific building requests. Lounge spaces within the residence halls cannot be reserved and are available for use by any conference guest.


Our conference facilities are utilized by a diverse group of guests. On any given day, our residence halls could host athletic camps, academic camps, and religious groups all in the same building. We ask that all guests be mindful of noise levels when using lounge spaces.


Visitor parking around the residence halls is scarce so guests are asked to be mindful of this when arriving to campus. Guests not participating in the conference may utilize any available metered parking. Parking is available in the nearby Welcome Center Garage for a daily fee. The areas around the residence halls are designated fire lanes and parked cars are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.


Trained staff will be able to assist in the event of an emergency or general guest concerns. A 24-hour front desk is maintained in all buildings assigned to conference guests. Common needs handled by the front desk include guests becoming locked out, unexpected maintenance issues as well as directions to campus and nearby locations. In addition to desk operations, security guards patrol the first floor and exterior of the buildings while the conference staff performs rounds of the entire building twice per evening.


The University of Houston offers a public, open Wi-Fi network that provides access to campus resources and the Internet. Although login is not required, all users are required to affirm the acceptable use policy.


Keys are issued to individual guests upon check-in and must be returned by noon on the day the group is scheduled to check out. Failure to return keys on the day of checkout or reporting that a key is lost will result in a fee for each instance. If a guest checks out early, failure to return the keys on the day of checkout will also result in a room charge for the entire contracted period. Conference Services recommends that each group verifies missing keys at checkout with the onsite coordinator.


  • Multiple trash rooms and receptacles are located on each floor. Look for the signs.
  • Vending machines are located in each building on the ground.
  • Laundry facilities are located in each building on the ground floor. There is no additional fee to use the laundry facilities but guests must have their own detergent. All guests are required to remain in the laundry room while utilizing this amenity.
  • TV remotes can be checked out at the front. There is a fee for all unreturned TV remotes.
  • If a guest loses any item within the residence halls, contact the front desk staff for assistance. Items are kept for 7 days after the group departs.
  • Download the UH Go mobile app, the official university app for the University of Houston for help navigating campus.
  • Lanyards are provided for each participant at check-in.


Conference Services will send a final invoice to groups after receiving a checkout report from the onsite coordinator. Within two weeks of departure, an itemized invoice including all charges for overnight rooms, meeting spaces, meals, parking, and damages will be sent via email. It is recommended that, when possible, onsite coordinators from conference services and visiting groups meet to discuss anticipated fees. Lastly, included in the same email will be a short survey aimed at improving overall operations and services. Please help us by completing it.


Payment is due no later than 30 days after the group has received the final invoice. Late penalties may apply if the final payment is not received on time.


Area Service Desk:

Each desk is staffed 24/7 with knowledgeable staff who can assist you with any issues.

Cougar Village 1 832-842-6020

Cougar Village 2 713-743-6432

The Quad 713-743-6044


In the event of an emergency, call either of these numbers.
713-743-3333  UH Police Department
911 Local Police Department


All guests play a vital role in maintaining the safety and security of everyone residing on campus. The exterior doors are locked and only accessible by those who have an access card. If a door is found to be inoperable, please report it immediately to the front desk. For the safety of all occupants, please follow these general guidelines:
  • Never leave the exterior doors propped open and unattended.
  • Do not let any unknown persons into the building.
  • Always keep suite and bedroom doors locked, even if only away for a moment.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended.
  • If a guest loses any item within the residence halls, contact the front desk staff for assistance. Items are kept for 7 days after the group departs.
  • Inform UHPD of any suspicious people or activities.


Ifat any time severe weather threatens the Houston area, be diligent in listening to warnings and following instructions. All guests are encouraged to sign up for the university’s text alert system. Instructions can be obtained at the front desk of each residence hall.


Senate Bill No. 11, also known as the “campus carry” law, allows persons with a state-mandated concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a concealed handgun in certain areas on campus so long as the area has not been designated by the university as an exclusion zone. ALL summer conference housing facilities are designated exclusion zones and therefore firearms are not permitted. Any person found in possession of a firearm anywhere within an exclusion zone on the University of Houston campus will be in violation of the guest housing agreement and Texas Penal Code, and criminal charges will be brought against the violator.


Conference Services expects all guests to be mindful that the facilities are used by many other guests with varying schedules. As such, proper decorum should be used at all times. Conference Services reserves the right to ask any participant to leave without providing a refund to the group for reasons including but not limited to: possession of firearms, intentional or malicious damage to property, harassment, assault, use of illegal substances or use of alcohol by minors. Any illegal activity will be reported to the UH Police Department. The contracted group will be held responsible for the cost of repairs for any damages or cleaning charges associated with guests’ behavior.


Summer conferences house guests of all ages, and as such, the common areas should be an appropriate space for all guests to utilize. While alcohol consumption is permitted, all laws are applicable while on campus.
Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. Those who are of legal age must consume beverages in moderation, in private suite areas only, and are limited to one open container per person of legal age present. Devices or games intended for the rapid consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


To ensure the safety of minors and compliance with laws relating to minors participating in camps, programs, and conferences on the University of Houston campus, conference groups are expected to provide an adequate number of adult chaperone/advisor/counselors or leaders to supervise the behavior of participants. All participants under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult chaperone (21 years of age or older) from the conference group. This includes all “free time.” For overnight accommodations, these adult chaperones must be assigned in the area of the youth and will act as a liaison between the University and the youth in the event of discipline, noise, destructive behavior, or other events. To ensure the personal safety of the participants, the university requires the following adult-to-youth supervision ratios:  

Overnight Participant to Authorized Adult Ratio 

  • Age range of 12 – 14 years requires a ratio of 1 Authorized Adult to 8 Participants  
  • Age range of 15 – 17 years requires a ratio of 1 Authorized Adult to 10 Participants 

A list of the supervisors and their assignments must be presented to the University prior to or at the On-Site Coordination Meeting (30 days prior to check-in) unless otherwise stated by the University Conference Staff On-Site Coordinator. 

If problems in this area occur, a member of the Conference Service team will discuss the problem with the conference group liaison. The Conference Service team and other university representatives reserve the right to handle any problems which seem to present an immediate danger to an individual or the property of the University of Houston. In this case, the conference liaison will be informed of the problem and will be expected to take corrective action. The conference will also be charged for any destruction of property.  Conferees should always be supervised while on campus (residential halls, dining halls, etc). 


Evacuation during fire alarms is mandatory. Guests are required to exit the building during a fire alarm or other emergency evacuation. Chaperones of children under the age of 18 are responsible for the evacuation and accountability of minors. Conference staff will not enter and evacuate each room. Guests must follow and comply with all posted fire and safety signs. In the event of a fire alarm, the elevators must not be used. All guests are to remain 20 feet away from the building until notified by emergency personnel that the building is safe for re-entry.


The University of Houston is vulnerable to impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes. Summer conferences coincide with hurricane season so it is imperative to have a plan whenever adverse weather conditions become a threat to group safety. Depending on conditions, groups may be asked to shelter in place or evacuate. Onsite coordinators will work closely with each group to determine a plan of action that is safe for all participants. In the event of an evacuation, group leaders are responsible for the evacuation of all guests within their group


Upon check-in, each guest is issued a guest access card that provides access to the building. Guests staying in Cougar Village 2 and the Quad will use this same card for access to their suite and bedroom. Guests staying in Cougar Village 1 will also be issued a key that provides access to their suite and bedroom. Along with access, these cards allow guests to obtain pre-arranged meals in the dining hall. If a guest loses an access card, the front desk should be informed immediately so that the lost card can be disabled and a new card issued. Guests are responsible for returning issued keys during the designated checkout times. The group will incur all charges for lost keys.


Guests are assigned to a suite/bedroom prior to check-in. If there are any maintenance concerns, please report them to the front desk. Additional toilet paper and trash bags are available upon request. It is suggested that camp leadership staff visually inspect all rooms prior to check-in and upon departure to ensure rooms are not left damaged. Groups wishing to decorate any area of the facility used by them are permitted to do so as long as printed materials and decorations adhere only with painter's tape or adhesive putty. Materials may not be nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to any surface within the residence halls. Decorations may not block exit doors, exit signs, sprinklers, or extinguishers. All décor must be removed prior to checkout. For more information on Student Housing & Residential Life policies, please review the Student Code of Conduct and Housing Resource Guide.


Cooking is allowed in common area kitchens on each floor. Pots, pans, and cooking utensils are not provided. The use of hot plates, toasters, grills, or other similar appliances is strictly prohibited. The usage of refrigerators in individual rooms is encouraged. Guests are expected to clean up any spills before checkout. Any food left in the common area kitchens is left at the guest's own risk. Items not labeled will be discarded daily.


Open flames are strictly prohibited in all conference facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, candles, incense, smoking, and the burning of any materials or other flame-emitting articles. Prior approval must be obtained from the Conference Services staff if this policy is incongruent with your religious, cultural, or spiritual beliefs.


For safety reasons, skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, motorized scooters, and skates are prohibited in the residence halls and the exterior areas of the buildings. Bikes are not allowed in the halls but may be parked in the bike racks outside of each building.


Student Housing & Residential Life recognizes the importance of Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA); in accordance with applicable federal and state law, individuals with disabilities may be accompanied by their Service Animals on the University of Houston campus. The University may prohibit the use of Service Animals in certain locations based on health and safety restrictions. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are considered an accomodation. ESA requests are not allowed for summer conference groups. For more information on the University of Houston's Service Animal Policy, please click here


Each residential area is equipped with televisions that may be used by guests over the age of 18. A valid ID is needed for checking out a remote control. Guests wishing to use the laundry facilities are permitted to do so. Please adhere to all posted guidelines. Detergent is not provided.


Guests are expected to utilize the trash cans and bags provided in their room as well as the trash rooms and receptacles on each floor. Please help in our sustainability efforts and recycle using containers provided on each floor.


The University of Houston is a tobacco-free campus. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited in University buildings and on university grounds, including parking areas, sidewalks, walkways, university-affiliated parking facilities, and university-owned buildings.

  Conference Map


  Conference Facilities

  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
  • Cougar Village 1
  • Cougar Village 2
  • The Quad
  • Cougar Woods Dining Commons
  • Moody Towers Dining Commons
  • Cullen Performance Hall
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Student Center

  Conference Parking

  • Zone D
  • Zone E
  • Welcome Canter Parking Garage

Please email our team at with any questions.