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The Cougar Experience Scholarship Fund

Support UH Students by Giving to the Cougar Experience Scholarship Fund

The Cougar Experience scholarships allow freshmen to live on campus and require their involvement in at least two campus organizations or jobs. UH, data show that students who live in residence halls are more successful in persistence and retention, have higher GPAs, take more credit hours, and are more likely to finish a degree in four years than their commuting peers.

Give Now

Every Gift Makes a Difference

At this especially challenging time, our students are in dire need of our support. For this reason, we are asking that you participate in UH Giving Day and give to our Cougar Experience Scholarship Support Fund. The Cougar Experience Scholarship Support Fund is dedicated to helping the neediest students with housing due to extreme financial difficulties. Currently, we have no greater priority than supporting our UH students. GO ALL IN for UH and make a gift today!

Together we are powerful. Gifts of any amount make a collective impact.

For more information visit the Cougar Experience Scholarship website or contact:

Jaha P. Williams
Chief Development Officer

Miles E. Johnson
Assistant Director of Development