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Each spring Student Housing and Residential Life recognizes its student leaders at an awards banquet put on by the department’s Recognition Committee. During the ceremony, students receive individual and program awards, and the SHRLies serve as the inauguration ceremony for RHA and NRHH for the following year. 

Congratulations to our 2020 SHRLies Winners!

Cougar Spirit Award

Winner: Ryan Pulido
Nominees: Tiffany Davis, Jakobi Augillard, Abdelhadi Hamel, Megan Hill

Commitment to Ethic of Care

Winners: Mohammad Abulawi and Jordan Reed
Nominees: Garrett Gowe, Shriya Modi

Commitment to Student Success

Winners: Noah Key
Nominees: Iram Fatima, Iram Fatima, Aidan Wright

Commitment to Diversity

Winner: Iram Fatima

Commitment to Community Development

Winners: Ailin Fei and Bayou Oaks Staff
Nominees: Stecy Guy Nzeng, Sydney George

Tier 1 Customer Service Award

Winner: Hannah Mathews
Nominees: Melanie Castellanos, Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Aurore Angue Mbo, Sofia Poznansky, Sazjia Washington

Desk Assistant of the Year

Winner: Bernice Tsao
Nominees: Sydney Brewton, Kristina Velazquez

DA Cub of the year (1st-year Desk Assistant)

Winner: Rayve'N Grimes
Nominees: Tejas Pawer, Vi Dinh

Senior Desk Assistant of the Year

Winner: Christine Luu
Nominees: Meaghan Munn, Tiffany Hodge

Resident Advisor of the Year

Winner: David Canas
Nominees: Joshua Varghese, Lilly Kyser, Whitney Dowding

RA Cub of the year (1st-year Resident Assistant)

Winner: Kendrick Mendoza
Nominees: Kiana Jenkins, Kevon Martin, Garrett Gowe

Distinguished Cougar Award (Returning Desk Assistant & Resident Advisors)

Winner: Ryan Pulido
Nominees: Iram Fatima, Sarah Regalado, Taelor Rankin, Jassandra Holbert

Community Mentor of the Year

Winners: John Ray Sagun and Alex Nicholas
Nominees: Kaylee Carter, Germayne Eaton

Marketing Student of the Year

Winner: Felipe Posada
Nominees: Alicia Gibbs, Layla Rodriguez, Ice Demus, Athziri Cervantes

Commitment to Relationship Building

Winner: RHA Executive Board

Faculty-in-Residence Program of the Year

Winner: Dr. Jerrod Henderson 4.0 Program
Dr. Kavita Singh Finals Study Program

Social Program of the Year:

Winners: GiGi Eaton Breakfast at Bayou and Cougar Place “Back to School Block Party”-

Diversity Program of the Year:

Winners: Conchas & Candies Cougar Place

Academic Program of the Year:

Winners: Moody Towers Hall Council-
Drunken Mario Kart

Residential Community of the Year:

Winners: Bayou Oaks, Cougar Village I, Cougar Village II, University Lofts, Cougar Place