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Quad Multipurpose Room

The Quad is equipped with four (4) multipurpose rooms. Campus departments can reserve three of these rooms for events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and private functions.

The Quad multipurpose rooms can be reserved separately for smaller gatherings or together for larger events. Each room can accommodate events ranging in size from 10 to 130 individuals. Event capacity for the rooms depends on the set-up configuration.

Each multipurpose room comes equipped with a projector screen, projector, a multi-touch digital podium with a built-in computer and speakers.



General Guidelines

  • All users of Student Housing and Residential Life Quad facilities must comply with university established rules, regulations, and policies, as well as appropriate state and federal laws, including fire and police department rules and regulations.
  • Reservations will be accepted for events held in the Quad Multipurpose rooms between the hours of: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.
  • The Quad has restricted building access. Instructions for access to the specific spaces will be provided in the confirmation email.
  • Reservation requests received more than six (6) months in advance require approval from the Associate Director of Operations.

Facility Use Fees and Payment

  • Payments for facility rental charges are due three (3) days prior to the start of the event.
  • If payment is not received within the timeframe, the reservation may be canceled.
  • Campus departments are asked to pay via SC Voucher, please contact your business office on this process.
  • Room rates include the use of the existing Audio-Visual system.
  • Departments/groups are responsible for cleaning after their event and reporting any damage. Damage to the facilities and/or equipment may result in additional charges to the group.
Rates are effective as of September 1, 2021.
ROOM  SQ. FT. MAX CAPACITY Hourly 4-hours 8-hours 24-hours
1003A 924 132 $100 $200 $350 $550
1003B 893 127 $100 $200 $350 $550
1003C 809 115 $100 $200 $350 $550
1003D 739 105 $100 $200 $350 $550
Reservation Changes and/or Cancellations
  • The cancellation of a program must be done a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event date/time.
  • No refund will be given for a “day of event” cancellation.
  • Responsible parties will be held financially accountable for all charges that have been incurred because of commitments made to facilitate the event if proper notice is not provided to Conference Services.
  • All changes to bookings/reservations must be submitted via email no later than 24 hours in advance.
  • Please use the form below to reserve a multipurpose room at The Quad.
  • Contact with any questions regarding reservations for a multipurpose room at The Quad.
  • Requests will be reviewed and assigned based on availability and compliance with University and SHRL policies and procedures.
  • Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to provide all necessary details regarding the usage of the multipurpose room(s) at The Quad.
  • For alternative spaces, please visit the Student Centers Conference and Reservation Services (CARS) at

Contact Information

Requester's Contact Information

On-site Event Coordinator Contact Infomation


Reservation Information

Classroom A
Classroom A (924 sq ft)
Classroom B
Classroom B (893 sq ft)
Classroom C
Classroom C (809 sq ft)
Classroom D
Classroom D (739 sq ft)

Keyboard and HDMI Cords:

  • Each room and podium have a designated keyboard. The podium requires a keyboard for proper functionality. The meeting coordinator should check out a keyboard from the Quad front desk.
  • Place keyboard in placement pad. The keyboard placement pad pulls out of the podium.
  • If you require an HDMI cord, please visit the Quad front desk.

Turning On the Podium Computer:

  • Locate and push the power button on the right-hand side of the podium to start the built-in computer.
  • To log in to the system, please use your UH credentials.

Turning on the Projector:

  • Each room is equipped with an Audio-Visual screen panel. Locate the screen panel on the wall closest to the courtyard.
  • Tap on the designated screen for the multipurpose room. The screen will lower in the designated room.
  • To activate your computer on the projector, select which floor box you are using. Each room is equipped with two-floor boxes. The floor box with the podium connection should be selected.

Lights and Curtains:

  • The light controls are located on the black screen panel closest to the doors on the lobby side of the room.
  • The curtains are controlled by a white panel near the lobby door. Click the arrows to raise or lower the curtains at your discretion.

Microphones :

  • Microphones can be checked out at the Quad front desk.
  • Each room has a designated microphone and lapel mic.
  • Microphone and lapel mic can not be used at the same time. Please turn off one while using the other.


  • Laptop adaptors are not provided, users must bring their own.
  • Unless previously requested and confirmed by conference services, additional equipment is not available.
  • Please be a good steward of the space by turning off all equipment before leaving the room.
  • Meeting facilitators are permitted to change the layout of the furniture in the room for the duration of the booking. Furniture is not allowed to be removed from the room. The room must be returned to its original configuration at the conclusion of the booking.
  • Should there be any damage to property or unexpected issues and/or accidents during the booked time, the user and/or booking representative should report damage to the Quad front desk immediately.
  • At all times, the exit doors leading to the courtyard should remain closed to prevent humidity and HVAC issues.
  • Food and beverages are allowed in the multipurpose rooms. The meeting organizer will be responsible for working directly with all catering and food delivery setups.
  • For the safety of everyone, please adhere to the maximum occupancy capacity.
  • The groups are responsible for securing and maintaining the condition of all the audio-visual equipment during the scheduled meeting time. If equipment is lost, stolen, or removed from its original location or displays damage beyond normal use, the reserving entity will be charged a repair or replacement fee.


For any questions please contact