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A collaboration between UH College of Pharmacy and UH's C.T. Bauer College of Business, the Pharm.D./Master of Business Administration dual-degree program is designed to meet the increasing demand for pharmacy professionals with advanced business skills and knowledge in areas ranging from operations, finance, project management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Program Benefits

The core coursework and elective options provide students with the best of both worlds: a strong, broad foundation in business principles and practices and as well as flexibility in shaping their educational experience to align with their individual career goals, whether as a entrepreneurial independent business owner, consultant/managed care pharmacist or on an executive/management track in a health system or corporate/chain-based environment.

The dual-degree program allows students to complete both programs in less time and at lower cost than if the programs were pursued separately.

Application and Admissions

Application and admission to the Pharm.D. and MBA programs are independent. Upon acceptance into both programs, students must petition the Pharm.D./MBA coordinator at both colleges for admission into the dual-degree program.

The dual-degree program is open to new applicants to the Pharm.D. program as well as current students prior to the completion of the first academic year of the Pharm.D. program.

Program Requirements and Curriculum Overview

The curriculum requirements of each degree program (Pharm.D. and MBA) apply to the dual-degree program, except that 12 semester credit hours (SCH) of Pharm.D. courses will count as electives toward the MBA degree, and a minimum of 6 semester credit hours (or three separate courses) of MBA courses will count as electives toward the Pharm.D. degree. This sharing of courses across programs will apply only upon completion of the remaining requirements for the degree into which the credits transferring.

For example, the 12 semester hours of Pharm.D. courses count toward the MBA only after the 12 hours of Pharm.D. courses have been taken and all other requirements of the MBA degree have been only after 6 semester hours of MBA course have been taken and all other requirements of the Pharm.D. degree are satisfied.

Program Contacts/Coordinators

Pharm.D. Program (College of Pharmacy)
Kimberly Nguyen

MBA Program (Bauer College of Business)
Tanieka J. Young