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Quad Room Selection FAQ

Can I transfer my opportunity to reserve a space at The Quad to another student? 
No.  Due to the anticipated popularity of The Quad the only students who expressed interest in living in The Quad and whose name was chosen at random are eligible to sign up.  

How much does it cost to live in The Quad? 
Rates for campus housing can be found at: http://www.uh.edu/housing/housing-options/housing-rate-sheet/ 

Will meal plans be required for The Quad? 
Yes and No.  Students who live in the residence hall portion of The Quad will be required to purchase a residential meal plan.  Students who live in the Quad Townhouses Living Learning Community are not required to purchase a meal plan, however they can purchase a meal plan ithey choose. 

How do I sign up to live in one of the Living Learning Communities in The Quad? 
The Living Learning Communities for The Quad are still in development.  As plans for these are finalized in Spring 2020 more information will be available.   

My name was not one selected to reserve a space in The Quad but I really want to live there, what should I do? 
Don’t give up!  Go ahead and sign up to live in another space on campus.  Starting April 2, 2020 all spaces which have not been reserved will be released and at that time any student who qualifies to live in The Quad can select a space at that time.  SHRL receives a very large number of cancellations each year.  Between the release of spaces not reserved and cancellations your chances are better than you think. 

Who qualifies to live in The Quad? 
Students who have sophomore standing or higher or age 20 by September 1, 2020 or any returning resident who participates in Priority Room Selection. 

How will I know if my name was drawn for an opportunity to reserve a space at The Quad? 
All students who submit an interest form will receive an email which will let them know whether their name has been selected.  The email will provide further instructions for completing the Academic Year 2020/2021 Residence Halls Service Agreement and how to select a space in The Quad. 

I booked a space but have found out that someone I want to live with selected a space in another room in The Quad.  Can we change our rooms so that we can be suitemates? 
Yes.  Students who have selected a room in The Quad can transfer to other rooms in The Quad or any other space on campus starting November 13, 2019.   

I was selected to book a room in The Quad but now I want to change my room, what do I do? 
You will be able to begin to select a different space in either The Quad or any other UH Managed community beginning on November 13, 2019.   

Who is eligible to submit a request to live in The Quad? 
Only current residents of UH Managed Housing will be eligible.  Current UH Managed properties include Bayou Oaks, Cougar Place, Cougar Village 1, Cougar Village 2, Moody Towers, and University Lofts. 

What is the rationale for why there is a randomized selection process for The Quad rather than first come/first served like other communities? 
Student Housing & Residential Life philosophy and practice does not provide preference or priority for any students other than current residential students.  Due to the anticipated popularity of The Quad we want to provide as many current residents as possible the opportunity to select a room in The Quad.   

Approximately 80% of the bed spaces available in the residence hall section of the community are being released to current UH Managed Housing students.  The balance of space will be held for students who may have accessibility needs, new transfer students, and spaces in the townhouse communities for living learning communities. 

What happens if I forget to sign up for my spot in The Quad between October 18 and 25? 
If you are selected to choose a room and do not select your room between October 18 and 25th you will forfeit the opportunity to select a space in The Quad. 

What room types will be available for selection in The Quad? 
The only spaces available for room selection will be four bedroom/1 bathroom units.  No singles or townhouse options will be available.  Townhouse spaces are reserved exclusively for Living Learning Communities.  More information about townhouse spaces and living learning communities for The Quad will be available in Spring 2020.  Single bed spaces in The Quad are reserved for Resident Advisors, Community Mentors.