Zaid Vaid - University of Houston
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Zaid Vaid

Summer 2019

My name is Zaid Vaid and I was born and raised in the great city of Houston, Texas. I am a Junior at C.T. Bauer College of Business and my career plans are geared towards Supply Chain Management and related fields. To gain hands-on experience I chose to spend this summer in Hebron, Kentucky with Amazon as an Area Manager Intern for 10 weeks. In this role, I have been able to experience what it would like to be, as an Area Manager at Amazon. The site I am at is quite unique, as it is one of the few Amazon return centers in the entire world. Chances are if you have returned something after purchasing through Amazon, it has been processed at this center. Through shadowing an Area Manager, I have had the privilege to interact with over a hundred and fifty associates per shift, and see how important it is for a manager to set up and sustain a support system that allows the associates to succeed. It is also great to have had this amazing opportunity in a beautiful place like Hebron. The Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati, Ohio region where Hebron is located in a beautiful place with its windy picturesque roads, scenic Ohio River views, and abundance of forest greenery.