Non-College Work-Study (NCWS) - University of Houston
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Non-College Work-Study (NCWS)

Non-College Work-Study (NCWS) is not connected to student financial aid and provides any enrolled UH student the opportunity to work on campus.


Any student enrolled at the University of Houston is eligible for Non-College Work-Study

How to hire an NCWS student

No training is required

  1. Sign up for a Cougar Pathway account / Log into Cougar Pathway
  2. Post a job in Cougar Pathway
  3. Review and interview candidate(s)
  4. Offer job to final candidate
  5. Follow your department/college hiring policies. Questions about your specific process should be directed to your DBA.
  6. Notify all applicants you have selected a finalist and that they were not selected for the position.
  7. Email to close your position if it has not already expired.