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Alumni Success Stories

To add your employment success to this growing list of graduates or to share promotion information, please email Ann Liberman at with the details or return the Placement Information Form.


Name Occupation
Julia Raptis Healthcare Social Worker
Arlene Bjugstad, PhD  Colorado State University, Assistant Professor
Royal Kelly Psychotherapist, Austin, TX
Aly Kramer Jacobs Research Program. Manager, Ctr. for Violence Prevention
Lindamarie Olson, PhD University of Alabama, Assistant Professor
Zack Coapland Behavioral Health Fellowship
Alice Navarro  Senior Planner for Travis County
Kirbi Clark Children’s Services
Laporsche Jefferson Children’s Services
Crystal Mae Portis Children’s Services
Katherine Minor Trauma Start Up Program Clinician
Mary Frances Beslin School Social Worker
Emma Coleman Women’s Shelter and Support (Dallas)
Zachary Regan Skilled Nursing Social Worker
Julia Huang, PhD Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan), Asst. Professor
Cody Chua Clinical LMSW Fellow
Emerald Green Family Based Safety Specialist
Celena Amador Children’s Services
Charlie Esie Children’s Services
Patience Dennis Children’s Services
Carlos Delgado Children’s Services
Talisha Griffith Children’s Services
Rodolfo Salinas Jr. Auburn Uni. PhD Student/Graduate Research Assistant
Hannah Gill Clinical Post MSW Fellowship
Sara England Senior Living Social Worker
Jayna Motley Clinical Post MSW Fellowship
Kennedy Henderson Student Affairs Academic Advisor
Jeff Johnson Behavioral Health Clinician
Abigail Perry Hospital Social Worker
Varughese Thekkecharuvil Hospital Social Worker
Nancy Mariaca Children’s Services
Tahreem Raza Post MSW Program Development Fellowship
Paul Keeton Counseling & Guidance, San Angelo
Zoe Alterman Program Development
Laura Reid VAIA! gGmbH – Frankfurt, Germany
Kate O’Donnell School Counselor