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Forms & Procedures

MSW Advising

  • Degree Plan Checklist (Fall 2018 and after)
    If you started your first semester at the GCSW in Fall 2018 or after, this is the degree plan you should follow. 

  • Degree Plan Checklist (Fall 2017 to Summer 2018) 
    If you started your first semester at the GCSW in Fall 2017, this is the degree plan you should follow.

  • Degree Plan Checklist (Spring 2017 and prior)
    If you started your first semester at the GCSW in Spring 2017 or prior, this is the degree plan you should follow.

  • Leave of Absence
    If you need to take a leave of absence from the GCSW, please fill out this form and submit it to your advisor for further instruction. If you need to drop classes or withdraw, please refer to the forms in the UH Graduate School Forms section below.

  • Request for Change in Enrollment Model
    If you want to switch enrollment models, please fill out this form and submit the form to your advisor at least two weeks prior to registration in order to be considered for the next semester.

  • Request to Take Courses Outside the GCSW
    If you would like to take a class outside the GCSW or your enrollment model for an open elective credit, please fill out this form. If you are requesting a course outside the GCSW, please submit with a copy of the syllabus of the graduate level class you are interested in taking. *Please note that only Graduate level classes will be considered as a possibility for open elective credit.

  • Independent Study Policy & Procedures - MSW Program
  • Specialization Request

UH Graduate School

  • Student Initiated Drop Form
    If you need to withdraw from a class after the twelfth day of classes (Official Reporting Day) [4th class day in summer terms], you must gain your instructor's signature to drop a class. This form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar in the Welcome Center by the close of business of the last day to drop a class. We also ask that you notify your advisor. On or before the twelfth day of classes, students have access to drop classes online through myUH.

  • Student Initiated Term Withdrawal Form
    After the first day of classes each semester, students wishing to drop all of their classes for the semester must complete this form to request a full term withdrawal. Additionally, if this request occurs after the twelfth day of classes, you must also submit a student-initiated drop form for each class.  Also, international students also have to attach a completed and approved Reduced Course Load form with this request. Please also notify your MSW program advisor.

  • Medical/Administrative Term Withdrawal Request
    This form is used when a student is withdrawing from a term for documented medical or administrative reasons (including military deployment and death of an immediate family member). Appropriate documentation should be attached to the request. Withdrawal paperwork should be submitted to your advisor to begin the approval/disapproval process.

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