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Student/Alumni Mentorship Program

Student/Alumni Mentorship Program
Sharing practical, day-to-day experience and knowledge is imperative for the provision of successful, impactful social work. The Student/Alumni Mentorship Program pairs current MSW students and alumni with social workers in the field of their interest and works with them to identify, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize contemporary needs and difficult challenges they face as social workers in today’s world. This important support allows current MSW students, recent alumni, or those seeking change within the field of social work to make better and more confident decisions to successfully address these needs and challenges in their careers.

Explore and access mentorship opportunities to enhance your professional development through individual consultation with alumni in the field.

Opportunities exist to become a mentor as well! By sharing your training and experience, you can become the catalyst for launching the new social worker on a career path to success!

Please call Ann Liberman, GCSW Director of Alumni, Career & Professonal Development at 713-743-8071 or email to request a mentor or to become a member.