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Career Services

Career Services

Career Services, along with your degree from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, will unlock lifelong social work job opportunities that will not only enrich your professional life but help you to make the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work's vision "to achieve social, racial, economic, and political justice" a reality. Career Services helps you to rethink the employment search from "looking for a job" to "selling your knowledge, experience, skills, and personal attributes" in a manner that helps an employer understand that you are the best person for the job. 

Individual attention, lunchtime speakers, classes, and seminars are all a part of what Career Services offers students and alumni. 

Center for Career and Professional Development

  • Individual Career Counseling - Knowing what areas of social work best suit your talents is a vital component toward accomplishing your goal of achieving a happy, fulfilling and rewarding career in social work. Career Services leads you to focus on those attributes and gifts you can share in order to achieve that goal. 
  • Writing the Winning Resume - Creating the results-oriented resume as an effective advertisement for yourself is a skill that all students and alumni can achieve. Career Services provides one-on-one consultation on resume writing and will give you tips and resume writing skills to last throughout your professional career. 
  • Selling Yourself to an Employer - Career Services will teach you a simple and proven technique to effectively introduce yourself to an employer that will leave the employer with a positive, lasting impression of how you can assist in achieving the employer's goals. 
  • Networking Skills - Letting employers know that you are available and what you can do for them is a skill that is instrumental in achieving the job you really want. Career Services professionals will teach you effective networking tools like using your own hidden network and effective social media, telephone, and personal introductions to unlock limitless job opportunities. 
  • Completing the Successful Application - Overcoming even the most challenging computerized screening process becomes less daunting when Career Services assists you in learning how to complete a successful application. 
  • Mastering the Winning Interview - While even the best trained, most highly seasoned professionals can impress an employer on paper or through social media, most individuals are vulnerable to losing that job opportunity during the interview process. Here you can learn important interview skills like answering the difficult interview questions, explaining a gap in employment, conducting successful salary negotiations, and even writing an impressive thank you email or note to employers. Tips on how to conduct a successful Virtual Interview are offered in workshop format to pave the way for job offers.
  • Job Leads - Students and alumni may take advantage of job postings in the Career Center, online job board, or on the job board located on the second floor of the Social Work building. Career Services works hard to maintain a strong and impressive list of employers to support our students and alumni. In addition, currently or recently employed students and alumni are encouraged to share job leads that appear at their places of employment, thus creating a highly effective network of prospective jobs to be shared. 
  • Ongoing Career Development and Job Search Support - Perquisites of being students or alumni of the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work are the ongoing job search and career development support you may receive throughout your career. Students and alumni are always welcome to come by and take advantage of all services provided by Alumni, Career & Professional Development. 

Services to Employers

  • Job Opportunity Postings - GCSW maintains an active role in the community of social workers and strongly encourages employers with positions pertinent to students and alumni of the College to post their jobs with us. 

Employers can post positions easily by completing our job form here and can email the completed form to These positions will be posted for 60 days or can be updated as needed. Employers are asked to notify us when positions have been filled. 

  • Screenings and Referrals - Employers rely on GCSW graduates to bring their expertise and excellent training into their agencies. Career Services works with employers and GCSW students and alumni to provide appropriate matches for positions in their companies. This process helps employers efficiently secure the most qualified applicants and assists students in efficiently achieving a good match for their skills.