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Graduating Students, Preceptors, Sites and Faculty Members Honored for Academic, Service and Leadership Excellence 

May 14 — Graduating students in the Class of 2024 were recognized for academic, service and leadership excellence, while individual practitioners and pharmacy sites were honored for outstanding preceptorship, at the Graduation Awards & Reception May 8 at the Hilton University of Houston Hotel.

The awards and graduating student recipients were: 

  • The Viatris Pharmaceutical Excellence in Pharmacy Award – Petar Jordanov
  • Merck Manual Award – Rima Azkoul, Hanh Do and Adriana Ibarra
  • Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication Sponsored by Facts & Comparisons® and Lexicomp® brands of Wolters Kluwer Health – Camille Johnson
  • United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award – Maryam Neshastehriz
  • ASHP Health System Pharmacy Award – Amy Shum
  • APhA-ASP Service Recognition Award – Camille Johnson
  • UHCOP Phi Lambda Sigma Student Leadership Award – Sarah Garcia Plouch
  • UHCOP Special Recognition Award for Excellence in Clinical Skills – Kevin Le and Chris Nguyen UHCOP
  • RX Cougar Leadership Award – Sarah Garcia Plouch and Adam Siddique
  • UHCOP Legislative and Policy Award – Haley Brusen
  • UHCOP Most Spirited Volunteer and Leadership Award – Phuong (Teresa) Dang, Noelle Nguyen, London Umejaku
  • UHCOP Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research Excellence Award – Anne Adigwe, Halimat Ajenifuju Aroyehun
  • UHCOP Communication and Counseling Award – Haley Brusen
  • UHCOP Award of Excellence in Non-Prescription Medications and Self Care – Kayla Valigura
  • UHCOP Hospital Pharmacy Internship Award – Anna Tam
  • UHCOP Ambulatory Care Internship Award – Alan Pho
  • UHCOP Graduate Student Excellence Award – Jieni Li
  • UHCOP Institutional Patient Care Award – Anisha Panakezham
  • UHCOP James McCarty Community Pharmacy Internship Award – Raheleh Rahimzad
  • Walgreens Multilingual Scholarship Award – Raheleh Rahimzad
  • Albertsons Community Pharmacy Scholarship Award – Ivy Dung Truong

Several preceptors and pharmacy sites were honored for excellence in preceptorship:

  • UHCOP Health Systems Pharmacy of the Year Award – University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • UHCOP Outpatient Pharmacy of the Year Award – Revive RX Pharmacy
  • UHCOP Hospital Pharmacy Preceptor of the Year Award – Mohammed Fahimuddin, Pharm.D.
  • UHCOP Institutional Patient Care Preceptor of the Year Award – Kayta Kobayashi, Pharm.D.
  • UHCOP Ambulatory Care Preceptor of the Year Award – Thanh Nguyen, Pharm.D. ('11)
  • UHCOP Community Preceptor Award – Brandon Casarez, Pharm.D. ('17)

In addition, two UHCOP faculty members were recognized:

  • UHCOP Faculty Preceptor of the Year Award – Amelia Sofjan, Pharm.D.
  • Lambda Sigma Faculty Leadership Award – MaríVi Tejada-Simon, Ph.D., M.Ed.