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Faculty/Staff Permits

The University of Houston System Board of Regents has approved the following faculty-staff parking permit rates for the 2024-2025 year, which starts this fall. Faculty-staff parking permits are paid for by monthly payroll deduction. The following rates represent the monthly amount for each permit type:

TIER 1: $70.83 per month

  • Elgin Street Garage, Welcome Center Garage, Stadium Garage

TIER 2: $58.33 per month

  • East/Gateway Garages

TIER 3: $45.83 per month

  • Zone B, Zone C

TIER 4: $41.67 per month

  • Zone A, Zone D, Zone E, Zone F, Zone G, Zone H (uncovered)

Other Permits (monthly rate):

  • Evening-Weekend: $13.83
  • Motorcycle: $8.75
  • UH at Sugar Land: $28
  • UH at Katy: $9.67
  • Tues/Thurs Garage: $29.83
  • M-W-F Garage: $39
  • Disabled: $41.67
  • Gated-Premium (lots 1B, 1E, 2A, 13A, 6B, 16C, 19A, 19B and 19E): $77.58
  • Gated-Regular: $72.58
  • Reserved Covered: $158.75
  • Reserved: $116.67
  • Zone H Covered: $42.67

Faculty-staff parking permits are paid for through payroll deduction. Those who wish to pay with a credit card must do so in person at the Parking and Transportation Services customer service office in Suite 110 of the Elgin Street Garage. There is a $50 processing fee when paying with a credit card.

Three-wheel vehicles such as the Polaris Slingshot require a vehicle permit and are not eligible for a motorcycle permit. Three-wheel vehicles cannot be parked in motorcycle spaces but must use a standard parking space.

Faculty-Staff Permits Never Expire

  • Faculty-staff permits no longer have an expiration date.
  • No matter what type of faculty-staff parking permit you currently have, it will continue to remain active until you cancel it.
  • You no longer have to purchase a new parking permit every year.

You Can Cancel Your Permit at Any Time

  • If you no longer need or want your parking permit, cancel it by following these steps:
    1. Log in to AccessUH
    2. Go to your myParking account
    3. Click "Cancel Parking Permit" button
    4. Click on the permit number of the permit to be canceled
    5. Scroll to bottom of page and click "Return Permit"
    6. Scroll to bottom of page and click "Submit" button
  • Once you cancel it, the change happens immediately, so only do it after you no longer will be parking on campus.

How to Get a Different Permit

  • You can exchange your parking permit at any time for a different one as long as the permit you want has availability.
  • If the permit you want is available, you can cancel your existing permit and then select the new permit.
  • If the permit you want does not have availability, you can add your name to the waitlist for it in your myParking account.
  • To find out if a permit has availability, log in to your myParking account and go through the process of purchasing a permit until you get to the page where you select the permit you want. Only the permits that appear on that page have availability.