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International Students on Academic Suspension

What do I do if I am placed on academic suspension?

If you are placed on academic suspension for the first time, you must “sit out” at least one long semester (fall or spring). If you are placed on suspension a second time, you must "sit out" for at least 12 months. After the third academic suspension, students will not be eligible to re-enroll at the University of Houston. Please visit the Academic Suspension page for detailed information on the UH catalog regarding a suspension.

As an F-1 student, if you are on suspension, you will not be permitted to register for classes at UH. This will impact your F-1 status. F-1 students, even when placed by UH on suspension, must still be full-time or they become illegal in the U.S. This means you must transfer to another school and register for full-time hours.

I-20 transfer out procedures:

  • You apply for admission at another school;
  • After you are admitted, you submit ISSS a copy of your admission letter and a completed “SEVIS F-1 Transfer out Form” to request your I-20 to be released to your new school;
  • After the release date, you should contact your new school to request a new I-20.

All Students on Academic Suspension must Re-apply through UH Admissions

  • Deadlines, as well as college-specific procedures and requirements for readmission from suspension, will be found on the Former Student Readmission page. This new procedure ensures students will have an official, complete academic record, including any transfer work attempt while suspended.
  • Once your application is complete through UH Main Campus Admissions, the college will be notified.
  • An e-mail will be sent to you from the college regarding the status of your application no later than one week after the final application deadline for the term for which you have applied.

I-20 transfer back procedures:

After you are readmitted to UH, you can request your I-20 to be transferred back to UH.

  • You must follow the instructions to request your current school to release your I-20 to UH along with your approval that you have been re-admitted to UH;
  • request your current school to complete the “I-20 Transfer Form”;
  • You submit your new financial support document if you have changed the sponsorship and your “I-20 Transfer Form” to OISSS and request a new I-20.