J-1 Employment/SSN Letter - University of Houston
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J-1 Employment/ Social Security Number Letter

The J-1 exchange visitor will have to provide a statement from his or her on-campus employer on the UH department letterhead (1st letter), to prove that the exchange visitor is employed.

For your convenience, ISSS has provided a template for UH employers. You can fill the form by clicking on J-1 Employer Letter (28 KB). Please print the form on your letterhead.

J-1 exchange visitors who apply for an SSN will also have to present a letter from a Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer (2nd letter) at the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), 203 University Center North, stating that the exchange visitor is authorized to engage in on-campus employment, the nature of the employment to be engaged in, and identifying the on-campus employer for whom the exchange visitor will be working. The J-1 exchange visitor needs to bring the 1st letter to ISSS to request the 2nd letter.

Bring your 1st and 2nd letter along with your passport, I-94 card, and DS-2019 to the Social Security Administration Office to apply for SSN.

Directions to SSN Office