How to apply for STEM OPT Extension - University of Houston
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How to apply for STEM OPT Extension

  1. Complete ISSSO Presentation
  2. Download the application forms from the presentation
  3. Submit the required documents by mail or in-person to ISSSO/Counselor
    • STEM OPT Extension (OPTX) Application Checklist (select the option applies to you)
    • Student Reporting Obligation Form
    • Copy of latest I-20, and previous I-20 if the application is based on a previous STEM degree.
    • Copy of passport(s) that is valid for six months into the future with the most recent visa page.
    • Copy of most recent I-94.
    • Job offer letter from the employer indicating: job title & basic job description on company letterhead.
    • Copy of current EAD Card.
    • Copy of diploma (s) or transcript(s)
    • Completely executed Form I-983.
    • Complete form I-765.
    • G-1145 form.
    • A personal check payable to the University of Houston for $60. (Please be sure that your name
      and address is printed on the top left corner of your check. Do not sign the back.)
    • Self-stamped and addressed envelope (for ISSS to mail you back the application packet)
    • RFE if any
  4. Get the document back from ISSSO by mail or pick up in person
  5. Mail the application packet to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services